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Pace 3 Cartridges, 24 Refills (Save 20%)

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Product Description

*** NOTE:  A system handle is NOT included with this product. ****








Common Docking -- Premier Shaving Technology for Razor Systems, Disposables and Cartridges 02:05

Visit to learn more about Dorco®'s technologically advanced disposable razors, shaving systems and shaving cartridges which are at least 30%-70% less than leading brands. Sold in over 97 countries, Dorco®'s superior shaving products are now available for the first time in the U.S. and in Canada. Discover the Dorco® difference! In this video, Seth demonstrates how Dorco®'s patented common docking technology allows for their premier SXA5000: 6 Blade with Trimmer System for Men (, which is the world's first 6 blade razor with a trimmer attachment, to also fit SXA1040: 6 Blade System for Men Cartridges (, FRA1040: 4 Blade System for Men Cartridges (, and TRA1040: 3 Blade System for Men Cartridges ( All men's and women's shaving razor systems and cartridges offered on, with the exception of the 2 blade system for men and cartridges, are interchangeable so you can find your perfect shaving solution. This patented common docking technology is exclusive to Dorco®'s Shai™ and Pace™ shaving products. As with all Dorco® shaving products, this innovative technology does not come at a high price point. Dorco® Pace™ and Shai™ systems and cartridges are priced at minimum 30%-70% less than leading brands. Dorco® offers consumers low-cost razors, shavers, systems, disposables and razor blades with innovative, ground-breaking technology. Dorco® is also the creator of the world's FIRST 6 blade razor. This and all other Dorco® Shai™ and Dorco® Pace™ razors rival those of Gillette®, Gillette Venus®, Venus Embrace ®, Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide™, Shick®, Schick Intuition®, Schick® Hydro®, Schick® Quattro®, Bic® and Bic® Soleil® in both price AND quality.

  • Common Docking...
    Visit to learn more about Dorco®'s tec...

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  1. Best shave I have ever had

    Posted by Thomas Wilkes on 2/12/2017

    I have been using the Pace 3 for about 1 year. I initially purchased the "Try Me" pack which included a handle and one 3 blade cartridge and one 4 blade cartridge. I tried both and they both provided excellent shaves. But, for my medium beard and sensitive skin I decided on the 3 blade cartridge.

    I had tried razors from several manufacturers and was always disappointed at the shave I received from each one except for a twin blade that I used because that was all that worked without shredding my skin.

    The Pace 3 has performed flawlessly for about one year and provides me with 10-12 shaves from each cartridge, nick free. I could not ask more from a razor. I will not change razors again.

  2. As Good As My Mach 3

    Posted by Wayne Massingale on 5/29/2014

    Bought these blades with the 6 blade handle. I got about 15 shaves with one cartridge before I changed and could have gotten more, I just decided to change because at these prices I don't have to stretch the cartridges as far. The shave is as close as my Mach 3 and may be just as good as the Dorco 6 blade system too, I really can't see much difference in the two. I have already started recommending Dorco to friends and will definitely by more of the blades. Would recommend buying the 6 blade handle with it though.

  3. Okay for the price

    Posted by Dean Cook on 5/18/2014

    It is cheaper than a Mach 3 or something like that, and it seems to do that job okay. It is a little difficult to shave my upper lip, right under my nose with it.

  4. Better Than Expected

    Posted by Mark DeAngelis on 3/24/2014

    The cartridges are just as good as Gillette Mach 3 and are a third of the price!

  5. Great product for a fantastic price

    Posted by Jay Keys on 3/12/2014

    I used to use Gillette Mach3 and payed $50 for 24 blades. I tried Dorco's 6 blade first and the price was great but it was overkill. I dropped down to the 3 blade and it was just like the Mach3's. Happy and have more money in my pocket.

  6. Did I mention I really hate shaving??

    Posted by Joe Floyd on 3/9/2014

    First things first, I really hate shaving. It’s one of those necessities in life like mowing the lawn and getting a colonoscopy at 50; you just gotta do it. So, as my cache of Mach 3s was dwindling, I sauntered over (do people still saunter?) to my local bulk-o-rama to reinforce my dwindling supply. As I approached the display, I was bowled over by the $42 price…for what, like 15 blades? Forget this, I am done with these over-priced, name-brand razor blades; there has to be another option. What really got my goat is that they have the nerve of putting all the blades in these little plastic cartridge holders and leave 2 of the cartridge slots empty. You wanna insult my intelligence with this BS? Well, see ya…have fun ripping off people with your stupid blades.
    Google led me to one of those razor-of-the-month clubs, but frankly the price was no better. Then I found Dorco, read the reviews, put in my order for 38 blades and a razor for 30 bones with shipping. What could I lose?
    A few people had mentioned there is an adjustment when switching to these blades and they are dead on. My first impression is that shaving path of the razor is much narrower than my old Mach3s. It seems like I have to make more passes to get my full coverage. I am also a head shaver and that made for a challenging adjustment as well. Don’t let this discourage you though, the Dorco blades and razor are all top quality, give a lasting shave and the blades just seem to last. Razor burn? Well that seems to be where the Dorco blades excel because I really notice it a LOT less. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase and plan to be a returning customer.
    Now, if you can make a razor that makes me actually want to shave, then you can get 5 stars all day long, but we’re not quite there yet. Frankly, I doubt such a razor exists. Because of that and the narrow shaving path, I give these 4 stars. But by all means, come and get ya some. You will be glad you did.

  7. First time user

    Posted by Steven Lintner on 3/2/2014

    Enticed by the price, I ordered the 3 blade system. While the results are as good as with a higher-priced name brand, the shave was not as comfortable. The lubricating strip leaves a lot to be desired, and, I can only get 2 shaves per cartridge, before they get REALLY rough. If you don't mind a rough shave, you can save some money.

  8. Best Shave Ever

    Posted by Bob on 2/14/2014

    I prefer the three blade cartridges. For me they deliver the closest, smoothest shave I have had in many years. The shave is my top concern, and when the blades are cheaper then even the big box stores, then there's no question this is a great deal.
    I will continue to recommend Dorco when ever the topic comes up!

  9. Affordable & Effective

    Posted by Kyle on 12/11/2013

    Dorco makes their money by providing a quality product at an affordable price. They don't need to gouge their customers because their product keeps customers coming back. Their razors they provided lasted longer than expected and not only smoothly shaved my face, but smoothly shaved a few dollars off their competition's prices.

  10. For the price they can't be beat

    Posted by Ant on 12/2/2013

    I use these as replacements for my old Mach 3. Now you need to pass over the same place a couple of times as opposed to one pass with the Mach 3. However, the razors last as long and they are a bargain.

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