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Pace 4 Cartridges (4 Pack), (FRA1040)

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Product Description

*** NOTE:  A system handle is NOT included with this product. ****







Common Docking -- Premier Shaving Technology for Razor Systems, Disposables and Cartridges 02:05

Visit http://www.DorcoUSA.com to learn more about Dorco®'s technologically advanced disposable razors, shaving systems and shaving cartridges which are at least 30%-70% less than leading brands. Sold in over 97 countries, Dorco®'s superior shaving products are now available for the first time in the U.S. and in Canada. Discover the Dorco® difference! In this video, Seth demonstrates how Dorco®'s patented common docking technology allows for their premier SXA5000: 6 Blade with Trimmer System for Men (http://www.dorcousa.com/sxa5000-6-blade-with-trimmer-system-for-men/), which is the world's first 6 blade razor with a trimmer attachment, to also fit SXA1040: 6 Blade System for Men Cartridges (http://www.dorcousa.com/sxa1040-6-blade-system-for-men-cartridges/), FRA1040: 4 Blade System for Men Cartridges (http://www.dorcousa.com/fra1040-4-blade-system-for-men-cartridges/), and TRA1040: 3 Blade System for Men Cartridges (http://www.dorcousa.com/tra1040-3-blade-system-for-men-cartridges). All men's and women's shaving razor systems and cartridges offered on http://www.DorcoUSA.com, with the exception of the 2 blade system for men and cartridges, are interchangeable so you can find your perfect shaving solution. This patented common docking technology is exclusive to Dorco®'s Shai™ and Pace™ shaving products. As with all Dorco® shaving products, this innovative technology does not come at a high price point. Dorco® Pace™ and Shai™ systems and cartridges are priced at minimum 30%-70% less than leading brands. Dorco® offers consumers low-cost razors, shavers, systems, disposables and razor blades with innovative, ground-breaking technology. Dorco® is also the creator of the world's FIRST 6 blade razor. This and all other Dorco® Shai™ and Dorco® Pace™ razors rival those of Gillette®, Gillette Venus®, Venus Embrace ®, Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide™, Shick®, Schick Intuition®, Schick® Hydro®, Schick® Quattro®, Bic® and Bic® Soleil® in both price AND quality. http://www.DorcoUSA.com

  • Common Docking...
    Visit http://www.DorcoUSA.com to learn more about Dorco®'s tec...

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  1. Nearly as good a the big boys' expensive model

    Posted by Jeff Hansman on 2/26/2015

    It took some doing to get me to give up my (insert national name brand here)multi-blade razor, but I just couldn't bring myself to pay those prices any more. So, I gave Dorco a try and got the Try Me 3 & 4 blade system. While the 3-blade cartridge took more passes to get a smooth shave, the 4 blade did the trick as well as it's much more expensive counterpart, so I'm ordering more carts for it. I'm sold; give them a try. It won't cost you much and my guess you'll be pleased with the result.

  2. Every Bit as Good as the Big Boys

    Posted by Kent G on 9/25/2014

    I have been using Dorco razors for almost a year. Unbelievable quality and price! There is no performance or quality difference between these and the products I paid twice as much (or more) for. I'm a convert, I will never go back.

  3. Definitely a great value for the money

    Posted by Matt Z. on 4/24/2014

    For a few years, I was looking at many discount stores like Wal-Mart and Target along with club stores such as Sam's Club and Costco and I would end up seeing high prices (some Gillette Fusion cartridges would be as high as $48 for a 12 pack).

    A couple of Google searches later in early 2014 and I was so happy to find a site like this.

    As my headline says, you can get some very good deals--even if you only need just a few cartridges. I would definitely recommend the 4 blade one, since it does not leave too many nicks, cuts, or scratches. The only small drawback the Dorco Pace 4 cartridge is that it does not hug the chin area of your face really well. I feel I have to go over that area at least 2 or 3 more times to get the remaining peach fuzz. Also, unlike the Gillette Fusion--I have to work the razor a bit slow around the area below the nose and around the ears.

    Outside of that, this is definitely a first-rate product. You can count on me as a repeat customer!

  4. Start saving money.

    Posted by Jesse on 4/3/2014

    Before making the switch to Dorco I bought a 2 blade 1 handle pakage for testing. My first impression was the handles pivoting was a little stiff. My first shave was very good. I was very impressed. Still the pivoting action was a little disappointing. I continued using the blade a few more times. After about 7-8 shaves the pivoting action was a lot smoother. So after about 12 shaves I decided to move completely to Dorco blades. Yes the other Blue Blade "maker" is good but 4 blades for $16 is crazy. I'm happy with Dorco and expect to save some $$. Try the 2 blade pack and test it yourself. You will not regret it.

  5. Excellent shave ...

    Posted by Martin Vidnovic on 3/16/2014

    ... especially with the tilting handle ... makes all the difference to get the blades tilted into the whiskers, man, am i right ... yes i am! the 3 blade system did not work as well, however, so that's my review for that ... 3 stars.


  6. Awesome Blade System

    Posted by Ron Rigsby on 3/10/2014

    After trying the 3 and 4 blade system I discovered that the 4 blade is the way to go. I can get 5 days on one cartridge.

  7. Nice Product

    Posted by Marvin on 3/4/2014

    Hi , I bought the pace 3 & 4 I testing the 4 System right now . I tell you I am impress smooth shave less irritation , and the lubricated strip seems to last longer than the name brand. I love the 3&4 system handle it has nice weight and the design is beautiful easy to grap and shave with it.The only thing I will say is when u shave it does a lot of tugging and pulling but it works for me .thanks Dorco, and the future I will try the 6 blade System.

  8. Great Value

    Posted by Greg Felker on 2/16/2014

    I appreciate this company. For the price, it's the best quality value around.

  9. Great product, great price!

    Posted by James Morgan on 2/13/2014

    I love these razors and handle for a few reasons. First, the handle is well made and doesn't feel cheap. Second, the razor head snaps on and off with a positive click and the overall quality is great. I found the heads that have the 4 blades work best for me because they clear a little better and don't seem to get clogged up. The 4 blades are separated just enough to allow clearing between swipes. I plan on buying this product as long as it's available. Excellent value in my opinion.

  10. Adequate

    Posted by william zachary on 2/7/2014

    Not as smooth as Gillette, but I didn't like Gillette's price-trade off.

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