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Pace 4, (FRA1000)

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Product Description

For the shaver seeking simple but technologically advanced options. The Pace 4 features 4 precision blades that work together to eliminate even the most stubborn stubble. Its pivoting head glides over unique facial contours while its antioxidant-rich moisturizing strip works to keep skin comfortable and smooth.

Here's what Dan from Portland had to say: "Even with my sensitive skin the razor gave me a comfortable, close shave. The value is incredible and the results are ridiculously long-lasting."







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Visit http://www.DorcoUSA.com to learn more about Dorco®'s technologically advanced disposable razors, shaving systems and shaving cartridges which are at least 30%-70% less than leading brands. Sold in over 97 countries, Dorco®'s superior shaving products are now available for the first time in the U.S. and in Canada. Discover the Dorco® difference! This premier razor with a substantial feel, ergonomic handle, stylized rubber grip with a white and metal color finish looks more like a favorite gadget you should own rather than a shaving razor system. But don't let our focus on the looks of this razor fool you. This 4 blade system is all substance. Some Features of The FRA1000 Include... • 4 Blades Offering Shaving Performance Against Even The Most Stubborn Facial Hair. • Built-In Rubber Fin To Prep Hair And A Tilting Head To Glide Over Every Angle Of Your Face. • A Triple Formula Lubricating Strip. A Unique Combination Of Chamomile, Olive Oil, Allantoin Moisturizes, Calms And Protects Even The Most Sensitive Skin. • The Venetian Flow Cartridge Allows For Easy Rinsing. Just Place It Under The Faucet To Remove Debris And Hair Quickly And Effortlessly. This Feature Also Increases Blade Life. • And Because It's A Dorco System, The FRA1000 Features Common Docking. This Means That Any Other Dorco Cartridge Will Fit On This Razor Letting You Discover A Perfect Combination That's Uniquely You. All of this adds up to a smoother, closer and longer lasting shave. Give this amazing system a try and discover for yourself the Dorco® difference. View Product: http://www.dorcousa.com/fra1000-4-blade-system-for-men/ Dorco® offers consumers low-cost razors, shavers, systems, disposables and razor blades with innovative, ground-breaking technology. Dorco® is also the creator of the world's FIRST 6 blade razor. This and all other Dorco® Shai™ and Dorco® Pace™ razors rival those of Gillette®, Gillette Venus®, Venus Embrace ®, Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide™, Shick®, Schick Intuition®, Schick® Hydro®, Schick® Quattro®, Bic® and Bic® Soleil® in both price AND quality. http://www.DorcoUSA.com

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    Visit http://www.DorcoUSA.com to learn more about Dorco®'s tec...

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  1. Not as good as my Gillette Mach 3

    Posted by John Fox on 7/15/2014

    This 4 blade razor gave a respectable shave, but not as good as my Mach 3. I had to make numerous passes to get all the stubble and it didn't feel quite as sharp as a new Mach 3. Still, for the price, I can live with it.

  2. Great Product.

    Posted by Ronald Rivera on 7/5/2014

    Having come from a 2 and 3 blade Gillette Sensor I was skeptical to try the Dorco 4 blade. Wow, what a pleasure. Nice handle and the blades are so far, so good. Nice to find an inexpensive alternative to the brand names and the overpriced blades.
    I highly recommend them to anyone tired of paying through the nose for name brand blades and razors.

  3. Outstanding! (4.5 stars is not a choice)

    Posted by Blue-Jay on 6/5/2014

    Just received my order today, and the razor offers an excellent shave. The value can't be overstated.

    The ONLY downside is fairly picky and have little to do with the product. The clam shell packaging of the handle... I HATE those things! I cut it open with some scissors, and the product still popped out, breaking the holder. (The handle and cartridge was OK, though.)

    I recommended Dorco to a guy in the drugstore today you was perusing the razor aisle. I hope he's as satisfied with the product as I am.

    (Also, I got an extra box of four cartridges that I wasn't charged for. BONUS!)

  4. Man, that was a close shave

    Posted by Leo on 5/13/2014

    Received the items in very timely manner. Quality seemed very good. Have been using the initial blade cartridge for about 3 weeks and still shaves fine. Very happy with purchase and service from Dorco.

  5. Quite pleased with this razor

    Posted by James Resh on 4/25/2014

    Being into body building, I bought this razor for shaving my chest and stomach, as I had been using Gilette sensor 3 blade disposables, and I was very happy with the results. A nice clean shave but with a much safer razor. It was a bit tricky with the Gilette, and it was quite easy to nick yourself along the collar bone or the upper rib bone, but the Dorco razor is so safe you would almost have to try to cut yourself.I would say it gives just a bit better shave too, blade life is comparable as well.Pricing and delivery are great too. Will continue to use these. Got my wife the four blade setup for women too, and she is very happy with hers as well.

  6. Good value for the price

    Posted by shawn on 3/19/2014

    I bought the 4-blade system. I like the razors but they definitely start getting dull after about 8 shaves.

    About on par with the Gillette blades, but they were so expensive I used them long after that!

  7. Dorco, A mighty fine razor

    Posted by lou zollo on 3/11/2014

    The shave is good, seems to get dull pretty quick(4-5 shaves). Have to go over the shaved area more than once. Wit the Pro Glide I dont have to do that. The cost difference is what I like most

  8. So happy with my purchase

    Posted by Ryan on 2/24/2014

    I have a friend who had started using your product, 6 blades. He shaves his face but also his head, and swore by the greatness of your product as well as the price. Myself, I am a lazy shaver, and just do my face. So when it went on sale again, I thought, ok, I should try this out. My friend won't shut up about it, heard good things elsewhere too, and he is usually pretty good at giving things a review, so the fact he had nothing but positive things to say had me wanting to try it. So I bought this one, a 6 blade demo pack, 4 blade refills and a woman's 4 blade razor for my Fiancée, I really wanted that free shipping. So it arrived, and with eager anticipation I used it, fantastic. Smooth shave, better than I had been getting, and to get up to 40 dollars for my free shipping I basically have enough blades to last me a year at least. I will happily recommend this product to anyone I can think of, it is superb in every way. From the blades down to the handle, moving head, just a great product. Has me happily ignoring my electric razor and going back to hand held.

  9. 4 blade system is a winner

    Posted by Brad on 2/12/2014

    I bought the 4 blade system and it is Awesome...I shave in the shower and the lubricating strips have out lasted my previous razor hands down. I have a heavy beard and had to change blades every 3 to 4 days...I am on day 10 and still going strong...I bought the same 4 blade system for my son and was able to meet the "free shipping" amount by combining orders.....

  10. Been using for three weeks, not great

    Posted by John Crisafulli on 2/10/2014

    I really wanted these razors to be as amazing as all the other reviewers say but after three weeks of using them, I am still getting terrible razor burn. I was previously using Fusion blades and did not have any issues with razor burn. Also, I find that I need to replace these Dorco blades almost weekly to lessen the burn. I could use a Fusion blade for one month with no burn. So, are they really cheaper?

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