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Pace 6 Cartridges, 24 Refills (Save 20%)

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Product Description

**** NOTE:  A system handle is NOT included with this product. ****








Common Docking -- Premier Shaving Technology for Razor Systems, Disposables and Cartridges 02:05

Visit to learn more about Dorco®'s technologically advanced disposable razors, shaving systems and shaving cartridges which are at least 30%-70% less than leading brands. Sold in over 97 countries, Dorco®'s superior shaving products are now available for the first time in the U.S. and in Canada. Discover the Dorco® difference! In this video, Seth demonstrates how Dorco®'s patented common docking technology allows for their premier SXA5000: 6 Blade with Trimmer System for Men (, which is the world's first 6 blade razor with a trimmer attachment, to also fit SXA1040: 6 Blade System for Men Cartridges (, FRA1040: 4 Blade System for Men Cartridges (, and TRA1040: 3 Blade System for Men Cartridges ( All men's and women's shaving razor systems and cartridges offered on, with the exception of the 2 blade system for men and cartridges, are interchangeable so you can find your perfect shaving solution. This patented common docking technology is exclusive to Dorco®'s Shai™ and Pace™ shaving products. As with all Dorco® shaving products, this innovative technology does not come at a high price point. Dorco® Pace™ and Shai™ systems and cartridges are priced at minimum 30%-70% less than leading brands. Dorco® offers consumers low-cost razors, shavers, systems, disposables and razor blades with innovative, ground-breaking technology. Dorco® is also the creator of the world's FIRST 6 blade razor. This and all other Dorco® Shai™ and Dorco® Pace™ razors rival those of Gillette®, Gillette Venus®, Venus Embrace ®, Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide™, Shick®, Schick Intuition®, Schick® Hydro®, Schick® Quattro®, Bic® and Bic® Soleil® in both price AND quality.

  • Common Docking...
    Visit to learn more about Dorco®'s tec...

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  1. Hidden value...glad I found Dorco

    Posted by Allen on 8/7/2013

    I am sold!! Goodbye Gillette forever. No need to pay for their advertising in their higher price. Dorco is just as good. Solid value...I'm glad I tried them.

  2. Very nice for the price

    Posted by Craig on 7/31/2013

    I got a razor combo pack as a birthday gift and once I had gotten down to my last razor I went to the website and was blown away by the price. These razor are as good as if not better then the razors in the store you pay twice as much for less razors. Very nice product and very durable. High quality product. Very comfortable shave. Affordable price. Provides many good shaves per cartridge.

  3. not great

    Posted by Alberto on 7/17/2013

    the blades get dull really quick, and they kind of hurt. You can't say it's just my shaving method, I've been shaving for a while now.

  4. I don't like to shave

    Posted by William Tolin Gay on 7/15/2013

    But for the pressures of convention and my profession, I would grow my beard down to my knees. But, the world being what it is, I figure I'll try to make shaving as pleasant as possible. I formulate my own preshave oil and shaving soap. My shaving brush has a handle made of olive wood from Bethlehem, which I have turned on my lathe. And, for two decades, I paid two dollars apiece for cartridges for my Mach 3. As recommended, I would use each blade for one week; on the rare occasion that I stretched a blade for two weeks, my face felt the brunt of it.

    A month ago, at my wife's urging, I gave Dorco a try. I bought a sampler of three, four and six blades, and tried each one twice; once to break it in, then to see how it performs. I shave with a double pass, first with the grain, then against.

    After an initial trial, I decided to try the six blade cartridge. I am now on my third week, with no signs of dulling. I shave once a day, and the design of the blade ensures that a quick rinse prevents clogging. The cost per six-blade cartridge is about one-half what I was paying before, and the blades last at least three times as long.

    Many years ago, when I got my MBA, we studied the "disposable razor model." Basically, it involves giving away the basic hardware (the handle), and charging an astronomical price for the disposable element (the cartridge). This business model has worked brilliantly for a couple of companies in the US. But now Dorco has turned this model on its head. By my estimates, I have, for less than $100, procured a handle and enough cartridges to last until my retirement.

    At which time, I will grow my beard down to my knees.

  5. The value leaves my head spinning

    Posted by Linda Horne on 7/5/2013

    A decent 4 blade razor refill is approximately 15.00 at a discount supermarket where I live. To get a 6 pack for 27.00 is fantastic!
    These razors are incredibly useful for a nice clean shave across the head. No pain. They last a good long time.

  6. Dorco 6 blade razor

    Posted by Michael Odll on 6/23/2013

    I thought that the shave was close, very comparable to the brand I used to use which was gillette powerglide. Noticed how I used to use them? Yeah, I am done, no more of that expensive waste. I am stuck on Dorco now and will remain with them. Excellent product folks and thank you for making it!

  7. Great value!

    Posted by Manuel Pantoja on 6/17/2013

    I see a lot of reviews saying these are as good or even better than Gillettes Fusion (GF) 5 blade razors...Not true IMHO. I had been using GF for about 2 years. Then I tested them side by side with the 6 blade system here. They are a close second. I have trouble with these blades around the chin area. The GF razors would easily cut those tough whiskers. I chose these because they shave almost as good and the price difference is huge! I just have to learn new techniques for the chin area.

    I bought 24 cartridges for what I would pay for 8 or less of Gillette Fusion 5 blade razors.

  8. Very good product.

    Posted by James Richardson on 5/28/2013

    High quality product. Very comfortable shave. Affordable price. Provides many good shaves per cartridge.

  9. Best Value for Money

    Posted by Mark B on 5/24/2013

    I used to use twin blades which cost around $3-4 each and their quality gradually deteriorated with each new pack. Having never used more than twin blades before I was apprehensive about buying a 6 blade razor from Dorco, but for the price it would be a crime not to at least try them. Best decision I ever made. Best shave I've ever had, first blade lasted a month and I've already bought more because these are great! Shared them with friends and family and can't say enough good things about them. I don't usually endorse products but these are worth every cent! Gillette will never see my money again... Long live Dorco!!

  10. Best razors EVER!!!

    Posted by Michael on 5/13/2013

    By far the best razors I've ever tried! In addition to the extremely close smooth shave, no nicks ever!

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