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Pace Frugal Dude Pack

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Product Description

The Pace Frugal Dude Pack is perfect if you're looking for quality shaving products that fit your budget. Based on each razor and cartridge delivering a minimum of 7 to 14 quality shaves, this combo pack will last about a year. That's one year of razors for around $47!

Dorco Pace Frugal Dude Pack Includes:

Pace 6 Plus, (SXA5000) (1 handle and 2 cartridges)
Pace 6 Plus Cartridges, (SXA5040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 4 Cartridges, (FRA1040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 3, (TRA1000) (1 handle and 2 cartridges)
Pace 3, Cartridges (TRA1040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 6 Plus Disposables, (SXB100) (6 disposables)
Pace 3 Disposables, (TRB100) (6 disposables)

TOTAL:  2 systems, 16 cartridges, 12 disposables



Product Reviews

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  1. Best Value

    Posted by Robin on 2/5/2017

    All the products lasted me more than a year (I only use 1 cartridge a month). The quality is great. As someone who used Schick and Gillette in the past, I can't say they were that much better than Dorco's products. All in all, an exceptional offer (even better when it's on sale!)

  2. Great quality at a great price.

    Posted by Joyner P. on 1/3/2015

    A couple months ago I used my last razor from the October Frugal Pack that I ordered back in 2013. For most of that time I was shaving everyday and discarding my razor weekly, and it still lasted me a good year! I've been slacking on placing my order so I've just spent the same amount of money on a couple of razors at the store for the past two months. I finally got around to re-ordering and can't wait to get my replacement cartridges. I love your product. I'm a loyal customer!

  3. A year's worth of quality

    Posted by Jack E on 10/29/2014

    I bought a frugal dude pack a little over a year ago, and to my surprise the razors lasted me for 12 months! Now I don't need to shave every day which made that more possible, but regardless it saved me money on razors!

  4. Best Shave Ever!!

    Posted by Edward Smith on 10/24/2014

    Ok, so I have this heavy beard that produces 5 o'clock shadow by noon. Have been using Gillette blades for 10 years. Bought the frugal dude package and tried the 6 blade razor this evening.

    I am amazed with the results- Nicest shave I have ever experienced. A year's worth of shaves for $35 bucks! Love it. Thanks guys.

  5. The BIG G can't compare!

    Posted by Adam Flick on 8/25/2014

    The quality is unmatched for the price! Each blade last me 2 weeks with no major drag. They rinse out BETTER than BIG G! Oh, if you feel that a good alternative is buying from $ Shave Club..guess what...Those razors are MADE BY DORCO!!! So save your $ollars and buy from the source!

  6. Frugal Pack

    Posted by William on 7/13/2014

    I ordered these razors and blades figuring they would be cut rate like the ones in the dollar store. These blades are sharper than my gillette 6 blades. With Gillette I get one week of shaving at the most, have used the Dorco for 2 weeks and no razor burn. Would never go back to Gillette.

  7. Great product

    Posted by Ron on 3/24/2014

    I loved the multi-pack offer. Only problem was that I never use the two blade razors. I need at least three. Still beats anything else out there.

  8. A Winning Deal

    Posted by Laura on 3/21/2014

    First time ordering from Dorco. Very impressed so far. Liked the variety pack so we have been able to try different styles out. Less then half as expensive as fushion that I have been buying at a warehouse store. My husband has tried the 4 and 6 blade likes both. I have been using the 2 blade which gives me a much smoother shave then the disposable womens razors I have been using in the past. Have not tried the disposables yet that were in the package yet. Like that you can play with dif handles with dif razor heads. VERY fast shipping and it was free.

  9. Travel Considerations

    Posted by James Alexander on 3/18/2014

    I love everything about Dorco razors with one exception. Blade cartridges do not come with any sort of protective cover that would enable packing one razor cartridge in a travel kit. All we have is just the plastic packaging for multiple cartridges.

    We need a single cartridge cover to go with one razor in a travel kit. No one wants to drag around 6 cartridges on a 3 day trip!


    Posted by Ken Flappan on 3/18/2014

    Great product the 2 blade shaver does not work with the other cartridges. I needed 2 razors for me and my son and they sent me another. The 6 and 4 blade works great. The 2 is maybe a good one for the road. That is all we have got to so far.

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