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Pace Frugal Dude Pack

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Product Description

The Pace Frugal Dude Pack is perfect if you're looking for quality shaving products that fit your budget. Based on each razor and cartridge delivering a minimum of 7 to 14 quality shaves, this combo pack will last about a year. That's one year of razors for around $47!

Dorco Pace Frugal Dude Pack Includes:

Pace 6 Plus, (SXA5000) (1 handle and 2 cartridges)
Pace 6 Plus Cartridges, (SXA5040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 4 Cartridges, (FRA1040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 3, (TRA1000) (1 handle and 2 cartridges)
Pace 3, Cartridges (TRA1040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 6 Plus Disposables, (SXB100) (6 disposables)
Pace 3 Disposables, (TRB100) (6 disposables)

TOTAL:  2 systems, 16 cartridges, 12 disposables



Product Reviews

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  1. Pleasantly Surprised!

    Posted by Mike Fisher on 11/18/2013

    I shave my face and head every other day. I received my razors about 3 or 4 weeks weeks ago and I am still using the same blade. As far as how close of a shave. ...I am still shaving with the same frequency as I was with other blades.

  2. Absolutely Spectacular

    Posted by eric decker on 11/17/2013

    The 6 blade razors are exceptional. Smoothest shave on the cartridge market. One cartridge lasted me 16 shaves (could've been longer...but I wanted to try a 4 blade cartridge). 4 Blade razor is also very good. Not as close of a shave as 6 blade, but still an incredible value for the price. Give either a try and see if you agree.

  3. Quality Product - ridiculously low price!!!

    Posted by Mark Dolan on 11/7/2013

    I purchased the Oct. Frugal Pack. This was my first purchase, so naturally I was a bit skeptical. I received the razors within a few days. I examined the razors and was pleasantly surprised. I have been using the same razor for almost 3 weeks and it is still as sharp as it was the first time I used it. I am currently using the 4-blade razor, I get an extremely close shave and I never get the nicks that I would always get from my non-dorco 2-blade razor.
    I will continue to use Dorco from here on out.

  4. Great product at a great price

    Posted by Robert Lewetzon on 11/6/2013

    I will never purchase razor blades from anywhere else. The six blade razor gives a very smooth shave. The handle is well balanced and attractive too.

  5. Very close shave

    Posted by Rich on 10/20/2013

    First time customer, and I'm very impressed. Nice blades that last! Price is right. Only issue is 4 blade and 6 blade heads are large and hard to cleanly shave in those hard to reach places.

  6. I have been converted !

    Posted by Jeff Hosek on 10/16/2013

    I used to purchase the disposable Mach 3 blades from Costco at a cost of $2.25 each in a pack of 14. The Mach 3 blades were the best disposables I could find but still left my neck red and irritated every day. I normally threw them out after only 2 or 3 days. So far the Pace 6 blade razor is leaving my face and neck red free and I was able to use the razor for 9 days before I had to throw it out. I have told everyone and have already brought over 2 more people. Thank you Dorco!!!

  7. Great Value

    Posted by Mark W on 10/8/2013

    I was skeptical that these blades wouldn't work as well because of the price. I've bought cheap blades in the past, with not so good results. But these blades are better than the so called "name brand" blades. I highly recommend these blades!

  8. Great Value

    Posted by KC on 10/1/2013

    I've been using the 6 blade razors for 2 weeks now and they give a smooth, close shave. I think they might not last quite as long as the name brand razors, but for the price these can't be beat!

  9. Set your beard up!

    Posted by Charles Phillips on 9/29/2013

    I wonder how many here who gripe about Dorco quality are doing the right prep to shave work. You just can't slap on shaving creme and hack away. There's a reason why old time barber shops used hot towels. Forget shaving creme anyway as it is full of alcohol that dries your face out. Get a shaving brush and a good moisturizing soap. Wash your face with the soap and wash cloth twice then apply the soap with a shaving brush to stand up the whiskers. These blades are fine and I'm gonna be a life long customer.

  10. Mediocre

    Posted by Rolf on 9/29/2013

    Overall, this package is mediocre. It's not terrible, the handle and the razors are average. The disposable razors are suitable only for shaving one's face. They don't do well on one's head (but I don't know too many that do).

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