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Shai Soft Touch™ Cartridges (6 Pack), (LSXA1040)

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Product Description

*** NOTE:  A system handle is NOT included with this product. ****







Common Docking -- Premier Shaving Technology for Razor Systems, Disposables and Cartridges 02:05

Visit http://www.DorcoUSA.com to learn more about Dorco®'s technologically advanced disposable razors, shaving systems and shaving cartridges which are at least 30%-70% less than leading brands. Sold in over 97 countries, Dorco®'s superior shaving products are now available for the first time in the U.S. and in Canada. Discover the Dorco® difference! In this video, Seth demonstrates how Dorco®'s patented common docking technology allows for their premier SXA5000: 6 Blade with Trimmer System for Men (http://www.dorcousa.com/sxa5000-6-blade-with-trimmer-system-for-men/), which is the world's first 6 blade razor with a trimmer attachment, to also fit SXA1040: 6 Blade System for Men Cartridges (http://www.dorcousa.com/sxa1040-6-blade-system-for-men-cartridges/), FRA1040: 4 Blade System for Men Cartridges (http://www.dorcousa.com/fra1040-4-blade-system-for-men-cartridges/), and TRA1040: 3 Blade System for Men Cartridges (http://www.dorcousa.com/tra1040-3-blade-system-for-men-cartridges). All men's and women's shaving razor systems and cartridges offered on http://www.DorcoUSA.com, with the exception of the 2 blade system for men and cartridges, are interchangeable so you can find your perfect shaving solution. This patented common docking technology is exclusive to Dorco®'s Shai™ and Pace™ shaving products. As with all Dorco® shaving products, this innovative technology does not come at a high price point. Dorco® Pace™ and Shai™ systems and cartridges are priced at minimum 30%-70% less than leading brands. Dorco® offers consumers low-cost razors, shavers, systems, disposables and razor blades with innovative, ground-breaking technology. Dorco® is also the creator of the world's FIRST 6 blade razor. This and all other Dorco® Shai™ and Dorco® Pace™ razors rival those of Gillette®, Gillette Venus®, Venus Embrace ®, Gillette® Fusion® ProGlide™, Shick®, Schick Intuition®, Schick® Hydro®, Schick® Quattro®, Bic® and Bic® Soleil® in both price AND quality. http://www.DorcoUSA.com

  • Common Docking...
    Visit http://www.DorcoUSA.com to learn more about Dorco®'s tec...

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  1. Make the switch!!!

    Posted by happygirl on 12/13/2015

    I never write reviews but I had to on this one! These razors are just as good if not better than the expensive popular brand! I pay less than $1/blade on this site as opposed to $4/blade for the others. Plus, with the other brand I found that at least 1 or 2 of the cartridges in a pack seemed to be of inferior quality. Really hated having to throw out a brand new blade. I don't get nearly as many shaves on a single blade as some people claim they do but that is no different from the expensive brand. I will never go back and I will recommend Dorco to anyone who will listen! Very happy with not having to cringe at the price when buying razors. Thanks Dorco...you are saving me a small fortune!

  2. Will Never Go Back!!!

    Posted by Emily on 11/11/2015

    I've been using these razors for over a year now and they are absolutely amazing. They're so much cheaper than the name brand crap I used to waste my money on and they shave infinitely better. Best switch I ever made!

  3. Best Razors Ever!

    Posted by sarah on 4/19/2015

    I got to the point where I refused to pay such a high price for razors and refills at Walmart or drugstores. Before Dorco I used the Venus Embrace. I ordered the 6 blade system and absolutely love it, it gives such a close shave! I highly recommend Dorco! I'm so thankful I finally found affordable razors and refills! Thanks so much Dorco for your great products!!

  4. Best Razor Ever

    Posted by Michele on 6/2/2014

    This is better than the name brand razor I used to use and costs less. Two pivot points! Works so well around knees.

  5. Make the Switch!!

    Posted by Kevin on 1/28/2014

    Like most people I used the Gillette and big named products. Paid $20-$30 for replacement cartridges. I have been using the Dorco 6 blade for a few weeks and absolutely love it. I'm shocked I didn't find this years ago. I bought a year's supply of razors for around $32. That's ONE replacement pack from Gillette. It's a no brainer, make the switch.

  6. Best shaver EVER!

    Posted by Karen Tveten on 12/2/2013

    I used to only use Personal Touch shaver and could no longer find the shaver. I ordered these after reading great reviews and I absolutely love this shaver and blades. I have not once knicked myself and do not have that "burn" afterward. This is the best shaver EVER!! I am so happy I found it. I am purchasing another shaver and replacement blades to give as a gift to my niece and I know she will absolutely love it as much as I do.

  7. It makes me want to shave during the winter

    Posted by Jessica on 10/8/2013

    I used to shave less during the winter just to try to save some money on razors that cost over $2.30 a cartridge. I'm really sad I didn't find these razors when I was younger because it could have saved me A LOT of money, but so glad that I have now. These razors really do stay sharper longer than my old Venus razors and prevent the razor burn that even the Embrace razors gave me. I will be recommending these to everyone I know.

  8. Best Razor Wife has had

    Posted by Sean on 6/17/2013

    Great Razor. Great Price.

  9. Better than Gillette Venus

    Posted by Mike Pasco on 6/6/2013

    My wife tried these blades after I switched from the Gillette Fusion ProGlide to the Dorco SXA5040 and raved about them. She was using the Gillette Venus and she was amazed at how great these blades are. She said they are just as nice if not better and at only a fraction of the cost. Very happy with all of Dorco's products!

  10. Basically heaven delivered in 6 blades.

    Posted by Jennifer Shigley on 6/3/2013

    Love these razors. So much better than anything that can be bought in the store! Don't be fooled by the price... in fact, you'd be a fool to NOT buy them at this price! They feel great, last just as long as any other blade (if not longer!). The middle of the razor head bends so it is great going over knees and other annoying to shave locations! I don't get razor burn like I normally do! I have sensitive skin and normally couldn't shave my thighs without bad razor burn, not with these babies!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 14 | Next