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Women's Shaving Tips


  1. Wait 5 to 10 minutes after jumping in the shower to shave. The warm water will soften your hair and relax the hair follicle, which will allow for a closer and smoother shave.

  2. Contradictory to common belief, exfoliating before shaving is not necessary. Shaving, in itself, exfoliates the skin by removing dead
    skin cells.

  3. Run out of shaving cream mid shave? Don't panic! Finish the job with hair conditioner, it makes a great alternative.

  4. Always use light to medium pressure when shaving to avoid nicks and cuts. If you find yourself having to apply more pressure to get the job done, it's time to switch blades.

  5. Underarm, leg and bikini area hair all grow differently. Tailor your shaving needs by using the correct razor for each area, like our Shai Soft Touch™ 6 Blade for your legs and our bikini razors for the...unmentionables.

  6. Our common docking technology allows for you to mix and match your Dorco blades. Try different cartridges to find the right one. If a convenient throw away is more your style, try our women's disposables.

  7. Sharing a razor with your man is unsanitary and can lead to infection. It's time to get your own razors ladies! Find the right razor for your unique shaving needs with Dorco Shai's wide range of systems and disposables.

  8. Change your Dorco Shai razor cartridge every 7-10 shaves. A dull and uncomfortable shave is a sure sign it's time to replace.

  9. Facial hair can be the most painful to remove, especially eyebrow hair. For pain-free and precise brow shaping, use the Dorco Shai eyebrow razors!

  10. Got unsightly upper lip hair? Try our eyebrow razors on this sensitive area. One to two strokes will be sufficient to remove hair.