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Dorco Eve (On sale: $3.25 - 50% off)

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Add a handle of your choice for only $5 more:

You’re gonna love this razor system! Promise.

Don’t believe us? 1. Work on trusting people. 2. Check out these features…

-“Hold me closer” our handle says to your hand, and it feels so good. Because it’s a well-designed handle.
-She’s water ready: this rubber fin preps your hair for a close shave specifically for the bath or shower.
-We have a special design that makes blades easier to clean and last longer. We call it “Venetian Flow™.” Other brands call it “Wait, what’s that? We don’t have that.”
-Two sets of three blades with a flexible bend in the middle helps the blade handle curves like a sports car on Mulholland Dr. going 80 mph — which we’d never do because that’s very dangerous.
-So aloe, vitamin e and lavender walk into a bar, right? That’s not a joke, that’s just our lubricating strip that soothes sensitive skin. 


1 handle
2 cartridges



6 Blades
Flow through blade construction
Pivot head
Lubricating strip: contains vitamin E, aloe, and lavender oil
Safety cap
Product code: LSXE1002


Dorco Eve (On sale: $3.25 - 50% off) Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

No more razor burn!

Posted by Tonya L on 4/17/2019

I get horrible razor burns on my underarms but not anymore. This razor is the best I've ever used.

Dorco Eve Refill Pack

Posted by Diane on 12/20/2018

Have used this razor for a number of months. Love the blades but a large refill blade pack is still not available. Why not?


Posted by Cathy on 7/20/2018

I have been using the Shai Soft touch system for a few years, and that beats any high-priced drugstore brand you can buy. But then I tried the Dorco Eve and this is EVEN BETTER! The new lubricants are so smooth. I can’t wait till you start selling a big refill pack of blades!