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The Dorco Prime Starter Set is perfect for any man desiring a classic shave from a double edge, with the high quality of Dorco's signature stainless steel blades.

Forged with today's shaving technology and the finest stainless steel, Dorco Prime is a tribute to shaving's past while ushering in modern advances in razor blade manufacturing. Micro precision edges are offered in a double edge setting to offer the smoothest of shaves for any skin or beard type.





Blades fit Micro Touch One™ Razor

Dorco Prime Starter Set (On Sale: $16.25 - 35% off) Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Give this a try

Posted by Warren on 9/11/2017

This is a very good way to shave. This may sound stupid but make sure to watch a video on how to shave with this type of razor!

Feels great

Posted by Pastor Muniz on 7/12/2017

After a few months of having this razor i have to say that i have never had such a close shave. There is however a learning curve if you are not careful or apply too much pressure you will find yourself full of nicks and cuts. But it is very addicting to shave with it once you learn how to use it. The only downside to this razor is the length of the handle, it feels a little bit too short for me thats why i rated it 4 stars.

Love It!

Posted by Ron Cole on 5/14/2017

I was a little nervous when I ordered this because it's an age-old design and might not be as good as a more modern design. I wanted it because it reminds me of my Dad so I gave it a try... and I'm very glad I did. It's just as good as any other quality razor and so much more cost effective! The best part for me is that I don't shave very often and usually have some length to my stubble and that usually clogs up the space between multiple blade razors. Because there is only one blade there's nothing to clog! I'm very very happy with this purchase and am sure I will use this for many years to come. (probably the rest of my life)
I really love the design and quality of it's manufacturing. I so appreciate the feel and weight of the metal in my hand, it's nostalgic and it's classy and that's something modern razors have completely lost. I'm sorry but somehow the idea of using a lightweight plastic handled razor would feel like a toy to me now. :)

As good as I have always heard

Posted by Andrew Rusnak on 2/13/2017

I have been a loyal Dorco customer for the last 3 years using the Pace 6 and bought this on a whim due to a promotion. I can see why traditionalists rave about safety razors. After a 2-day learning period I can say this is the best shave I've ever gotten. My hair is extremely thick and even after two passes with a regular razor was still scratchy. Not anymore. Thanks to this razor I have felt smoothness on my skin and face I haven't since before puberty. Thanks for another great product; it's gotten you a customer for life.

Shaves very close

Posted by David Lancaster on 10/3/2016

I love the razor, but the handle is too short. I have large hands and it is not comfortable in my hand. Great close shave.

Great Shave

Posted by Simon on 9/27/2016

Great Razor and Blades! I have more expensive brands that are not as good. Very happy I found Dorco!

A Deal for the $$

Posted by Brian on 3/22/2016

I have a little DE razor collecting habit... like I got 12 of them. So when Dorco came out with this, I just had to have it, being a regular Dorco customer. For what it cost, it's a no-brainer for those who like wet shaving. I have used mine for about a week now with the Dorco blades and I have found it to be excellent. Some razors and blades I have are too aggressive to use every day, but the Dorco system I can. I still of course love my other ones, but in fairness to Dorco I wanted to give it an extended trial.

The construction is better than I thought for the money and a cinch to clean. The Dorco blades I have used many times before and have found them to be kinda in the middle of aggression. I liken them a little to Sharks, which work nice for my skin. The travel case is very cool with a small mirror inside... nice touch.

For the cost Dorco is asking, buy one. You will definitely like it.

Best Value

Posted by Nicholas on 3/21/2016

There's an imbecile amateur reviewer here that writes that his face has stubble after shaving with this razor. Well, that's because a razor, particularly a safety razor (versus cartridge razor) works only when you know how to use the thing. It's ridiculous to suggest this product is sub-par...safety razors are not new technology...sort of hard to screw up, don't you think? If you don't like the blades that come with the head....personally, I think the included Dorco blades are fine...then try another brand. Safety razors, even this one, are quite aggressive compared to a cartridge razor. One blade slices through 4 days of stubble as well as it does slicing through a 3 week old beard. Go slow with the grain, flipping the razor as one side clogs with hair, then rinse and repeat. Then, go against the grain if your skin will allow after a re-lather. Using shave oil with any safety razor is never a bad idea.

In any case, for those that don't need remedial instruction as to how to use a safety razor and are looking for an honest opinion, I'd say it rates a medium in aggressiveness of cut. It's not a razor you need to apply any pressure at all to in order for it to do its business. The silo door configuration makes it easy to change blades without any hassle. The silo (some refer to the doors as "butterfly") doors stay securely shut through a shave so long as you securely tighten them before use.

I do wish Dorco would keep making this model but also offer an aggressive open-rake or slant cut model for those that prefer to use such a design.

Recommended accessory for this product is a nicer stand so that you don't get your nice travel case's interior (velvet) dirty or wet. But, the travel case itself is nice for the intended purpose (travel).

No Problems Here

Posted by Hayley Ray on 2/29/2016

I just received this guy in the mail today along with the Dorco Pace 7. I purchased the two razors because I needed a new razor, and wanted to try the Prime, however I also wanted something I was more familiar with in case things didn't pan out so well (i.e. i sever a major artery and my shower winds up looking like a slaughter house).
I used the Pace 7 on one leg (because I'm a lady), and the Prime on the other to gauge my results. I had no issues shaving with either razor. It did take slightly longer with the unfamiliar safety razor, but not significantly so. It has actually been about six hours since I showered, and both legs are still velvety smooth. Two thumbs up.


Posted by David LaFlam on 2/5/2016

The worst shave I have ever had, leaves stubble.Feels like i haven't shaved for hours.

Dorco's Safety Razor

Posted by Danny Crandall on 12/21/2015

I am new to wet shaving and purchased this razor due to my familiarity with Dorco and the price. The razor works well and seems to line the blades up with out a problem. The construction provides a sense of quality and eliminates any doubt the butterfly will break anytime soon. I do not have anything to compare it with as of now, but this razor has made it easy to transition into wet shaving.