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The Dorco Prime Starter Set is perfect for any man desiring a classic shave from a double edge, with the high quality of Dorco's signature stainless steel blades.

Forged with today's shaving technology and the finest stainless steel, Dorco Prime is a tribute to shaving's past while ushering in modern advances in razor blade manufacturing. Micro precision edges are offered in a double edge setting to offer the smoothest of shaves for any skin or beard type.





Blades fit Micro Touch One™ Razor


Dorco Prime Starter Set Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

The "good ole days" must have been terrible...

Posted by SR on 7/7/2018

First, let me say two things: 1. I am in my 30's, nearing 40, have coarse hair, and can appreciate occasionally the way things used to be. 2. The shaving cream is probably the best I've used.

You know those older guys who talk about how great muscle cars from the 60's and 70's were?... 68 Camaros, 69/70 GTO's, various Mustangs here and there... These cars are immortalized in songs and such - many articles and movies too. There were also times these older guys (and girls) had in the backseats of these songs (i.e. Bob Seger "Nightmoves") that further made many of these cars legendary. In reality, these cars were horrible! No air conditioning, no brakes, terrible suspension. I drove a 65 mustang one time and it was just awful. After 20 minutes it burned many gallons of gas, made a lot of noise, and probably wasn't any faster than a modern Honda Accord. Guys, that's what this razor is. Horrible. Just Horrible. Why would anybody use this over a modern razor? Yes, a modern multi-blade razor. I get it, many of you may be zipped back to another time - maybe picture your own father singing a Frank Sinatra song shaving in his wife-beater while mom made pancakes (hotcakes to my northern friends). If you want to know what shaving with this razor is like, go to the dollar store, get a single blade disposable razor and go to town. It may make you feel like a real man for a while, but you'll soon realize this was a mistake. A terrible mistake. I know, many guys will say it takes time to adjust to this type of razor. Why? Why adjust? Do those guys like pain? And shaving in a hurry? Forget it. One wrong move and somebody's walking out of the bathroom with a lot of tissue paper stuck to a bleeding face. Please, Dorco makes many fine multiblade razors. Buy those. I gave 2 stars because the presentation is nice, it did in fact shave my face, it met expectations. This is just a fad, humans have advanced and made a better razor!

Dorco Prime Starter Set

Posted by John Paz on 6/16/2018

This was an excellent bargain when I bought it for $30. For a butterfly razor as light & easy to maneuver as this one, plus 30 blades it's outstanding. Toss in the mirrored carry case & it's a no brainer !!

One of the best blades to learn to wet shave with as it's very non aggressive. The butterfly hinge makes blade replacement so easy. The disposable blades themselves are American made & comparable or better than most other blades out there, foreign or domestic.

Best Razor I've Ever Used

Posted by Josh Taylor on 5/16/2018

I've used traditional razors all my life and I decided to buy this razor and try it out. It feels like an entirely different experience shaving. It is extremely easy to clean and after a couple of days of using it, I don't plan to go back to using any other type of razor. Not just that, but the price can't be beat. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to purchase their next razor.

Just the best

Posted by John on 3/6/2018

Very happy with this product! Looks great, feels great, shaves close, doesn’t clog, inexpensive over the long-run, it’s simply the best shaving solution I’ve ever used. Much easier technique to get used to than I expected, don’t be afraid of cuts! If I can get it down quickly and safely, anyone can. Dorco continues to knock it out of the park.

Wish I'd Tried it Sooner!

Posted by Karena on 1/15/2018

I wish I'd tried this sooner - I wouldn't have wasted all that $ on cartridges I will now never use! I am a woman, and I am pretty lax about shaving my legs sometimes - especially in the winter. The regular Dorco cartridges are less prone to clogging than any other brand I've tried, but I do still have that problem when it's been a while since I shaved. Not with this razor, though - close, smooth shave, no clogging! Also, I was shocked to discover I not only don't need shave lotion/gel/soap – the only time I got any nicks or irritaion was when I did use it – I think it made it too slippery and caused some sideways sliding. With just water, I got a smooth, close shave with no irritation. The trick is to apply no pressure – just the weight of the razor is all you need. I will agree with other reviewers who stated that the handle is too short – it's workable, but a little longer would be better. Other than that, I'm very impressed – this razor is a great product at a great value.

Most comfortable shave ever!

Posted by Scotty Turner on 12/2/2017

I'd like to start this review by saying that I own multiples of every handle that dorco offers along with several years supply of cartridges for each handle so I hesitated to try the prime, but I'm so glad I did! I ordered two of these because my dad mentioned wanting to try it so I got one for him as well as myself. After using this product I can say without hesitation that I'll be ordering another one for my travel bag. I'm 48 years old and haven't used this type of razor since I was a teenager btw, but the very first time I used this razor I was able to shave faster and it was the most comfortable shaving experience I've ever experienced! My beard is coarse and cartridge razors simply do not provide the comfort that this razor provided. This is without a doubt the best razor I have ever owned and I don't plan on trying anything else for the rest of my life! I may actually be stuck with a rather huge supply of cartridges and handles now. I really wish I'd discovered this gem before stockpiling all of the other dorco systems.

Great entry into DE Shaving

Posted by Keith on 12/1/2017

Never DE shaved before and picked this set up as a nearly all in one set to get started (bought a brush and cream separate). I ended up using this handle for close to a year and half with no issues, its very forgiving as you hone your skill. The 301 blades came with mine, which have been great for me, i cant speak for the Prime blades. A tip, find a variety pack so you can try other makers blades, as each skin/face type has better results with different blades.

Great Product

Posted by Don on 11/22/2017

Old school shaving at it's best. I learned to shave using double edge blades many moons ago. Much closer shave than modern multi blade cartridges at a much better price. The Dorco blades are as sharp as more expensive double edge blades.

Give this a try

Posted by Warren on 9/11/2017

This is a very good way to shave. This may sound stupid but make sure to watch a video on how to shave with this type of razor!

Feels great

Posted by Pastor Muniz on 7/12/2017

After a few months of having this razor i have to say that i have never had such a close shave. There is however a learning curve if you are not careful or apply too much pressure you will find yourself full of nicks and cuts. But it is very addicting to shave with it once you learn how to use it. The only downside to this razor is the length of the handle, it feels a little bit too short for me thats why i rated it 4 stars.

Love It!

Posted by Ron Cole on 5/14/2017

I was a little nervous when I ordered this because it's an age-old design and might not be as good as a more modern design. I wanted it because it reminds me of my Dad so I gave it a try... and I'm very glad I did. It's just as good as any other quality razor and so much more cost effective! The best part for me is that I don't shave very often and usually have some length to my stubble and that usually clogs up the space between multiple blade razors. Because there is only one blade there's nothing to clog! I'm very very happy with this purchase and am sure I will use this for many years to come. (probably the rest of my life)
I really love the design and quality of it's manufacturing. I so appreciate the feel and weight of the metal in my hand, it's nostalgic and it's classy and that's something modern razors have completely lost. I'm sorry but somehow the idea of using a lightweight plastic handled razor would feel like a toy to me now. :)

As good as I have always heard

Posted by Andrew Rusnak on 2/13/2017

I have been a loyal Dorco customer for the last 3 years using the Pace 6 and bought this on a whim due to a promotion. I can see why traditionalists rave about safety razors. After a 2-day learning period I can say this is the best shave I've ever gotten. My hair is extremely thick and even after two passes with a regular razor was still scratchy. Not anymore. Thanks to this razor I have felt smoothness on my skin and face I haven't since before puberty. Thanks for another great product; it's gotten you a customer for life.