Developed To Educate Consumers About Over-Priced Shaving Razors, Web Site Will Expose And Enlighten Through Humor, Facts And Consumer Engagement.

SAN DIEGO, California (April 17, 2012) – Dorco USA announced today the successful launch of the company’s web site to broadly increase awareness of high-priced shaving systems and disposable razors in the U.S. marketplace.

Recently introduced to U.S. consumers, Dorco is widely recognized around the world for its cutting-edge shaving technology and superior quality razors and systems. Currently, Dorco's shaving products are sold in over 97 countries.

The company’s decision to launch The Great Shaving Rip-Off campaign was founded on a high level of confidence that current economic conditions call for a technologically superior product that costs less. Currently, name brands like Gillette® and Schick® collectively control approximately 97% percent of the shaving systems and razors market share in the U.S. The web site will bring to light what the true cost of stadiums, celebrity endorsements, race cars and major television ad buys are to the typical consumers who are just looking for a quality shaving product at a reasonable price.

"When you check the prices of disposable razors, systems and cartridges from leading brands, the prices amount to what I would call the great shaving rip-off. Their astronomical prices and profit margins leave open a very wide door for our Dorco Pace® and Dorco Shai® products. It's time for consumers in the U.S. to Demand More For Less™ by refusing to be manipulated by advertising saturation. Dorco's products feature patented technology and have been tested to be equal or better in quality when compared to the big brands. Best of all, the products cost at a minimum, 30% less. Why would you pay more? Tax Day is the perfect day to start this conversation." stated Ken Hill, President of Dorco USA®.

The campaign web site,, will highlight such feature sections like an on-going blog, satirical videos, actual consumer testimonials, head-to-head price comparisons, deals on Dorco’s leading products as well as a humorous look at outrageous claims made by leading brands. And most importantly, the company expects the web site’s visitors to engage in the conversation to guide the future path of the site’s content and direction. Initial visitors to the web site will be entertained by Joe Pace, a Dorco razor character, being horrified by what he discovers in one of the local drug store shopping aisles.

Since Dorco's introduction to the U.S. consumer via its ecommerce web site,, the products have been widely praised as being superior in quality while offering huge savings when compared to leading brands. In addition, Dorco prides itself on being open and transparent to its customers. Unlike some start-ups making headlines, there are no subscriptions or term commitments required to save with Dorco. Through constant innovation, proprietary technology and exceptional value, the company’s mission is to deliver an unparalleled experience to its new customers in the U.S. This unique value-proposition message will be at the heart of the company's The Great Shaving Rip-Off campaign. Change is coming to the U.S. shaving industry and Dorco is leading the way.

For a comprehensive and enlightening look at The Great Shaving Rip-Off, consumers are invited to visit


About Dorco USA

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Dorco USA is a leading provider of technologically advanced and superior quality disposable razors, shaving systems and shaving cartridges for men and women. Its product origins date back to 1955 when a small company named Dorco was founded in South Korea. Today, Dorco is Asia’s market leader for disposable shaving products and is a household recognized brand in numerous countries around the world. By strategically aligning with Dorco, Dorco USA has been able to introduce the pinnacle of shaving innovation to the U.S. and Canadian marketplace, including the world’s first 6 blade shaving systems, as well as the innovative and patented common docking feature. For a comprehensive look at the premier line of Dorco's razors, systems and cartridges, consumers are invited to visit

Schick® is a registered trademark owned by Energizer® Holdings, Inc.
Gillette® is a registered trademark owned by Procter & Gamble or P&G™.

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