1. Never use cold water on the face before shaving. Warm water will prep your face by softening the course facial hair, allowing for a clean and smooth shave.

  2. Though it may be tedious, it is recommended to rinse your blades in water every 1 to 2 strokes. Doing this will lessen the buildup and will ensure a closer shave.

  3. When possible, always resist shaving against the hair grain. Shaving with the direction that your hair grows will help minimize cuts and bumps.

  4. Be mindful of the direction your hair grows. Knowing this will help guide the direction of your shave.

  5. Make sure you rinse your face with cold water after you shave. Not only will this help wake you up, but the cold water will close up your pores for a smooth finish.

  6. Never leave your razor sitting in a pool of water! Store your razor in a dry place to extend the life of your razors.

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