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Pace 3 Combo Set

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For the discerning shaver that believes less is more. The Pace 3 delivers 3 angulated, micro-positioned blades for precise shaving and effortless rinsing. Its tilting head navigates over sensitive terrain with ease while the triple-formula moisturizing strip keeps skin nourished and primed for your next great shave. The Pace 3 Combo Set includes 1 Pace 3 handle and 10 total blade cartridges.






Pace 3 Combo Set Reviews

Based on 103 reviews

Great Product

Posted by Justin on 3/15/2014

While the handle is great in design and sturdy, there is only one small thing that sets this back to a 4 star. I have used Gillette for years and when rinsing the blades the built up hair just falls through. The Dorco blades have a small build up in the center that is hard to get out. This is partly due to the design, where Gillette connects at the bottom, Dorco connects right behind the blades making it a little more difficult for the build up to fall through. That's just my little pet peeve that puts this at a 4 star, everything else about this product is great though.

Very comfortable shave

Posted by Wm.Broge on 3/10/2014

The perfect razor for me... An excellent value!

OK for the price

Posted by Adam on 3/10/2014

They work fine, but do not seem to last like a high dollar name brand blade. I'm getting 2-3 face and 2-3 head shaves per blade over the course of 2 weeks. My biggest complaint is these 3 blade razors do not clean out well because of all the plastic structure on the back side. I've tried the other types from Dorco with more blades are even worse for clean out due to the tighter blade spacing.

I hate shaving and paying bloated razor blade prices, but these ease the pain.

Posted by Joe Floyd on 3/9/2014

First things first, I really hate shaving. It’s one of those necessities in life like mowing the lawn and getting a colonoscopy at 50; you just gotta do it. So, as my cache of Mach 3s was dwindling, I sauntered over (do people still saunter?) to my local bulk-o-rama to reinforce my dwindling supply. As I approached the display, I was bowled over by the $42 price…for what, like 15 blades? Forget this, I am done with these over-priced, name-brand razor blades; there has to be another option. What really got my goat is that they have the nerve of putting all the blades in these little plastic cartridge holders and leave 2 of the cartridge slots empty. You wanna insult my intelligence with this BS? Well, see ya…have fun ripping off people with your stupid blades.
Google led me to one of those razor-of-the-month clubs, but frankly the price was no better. Then I found Dorco, read the reviews, put in my order for 38 blades and a razor for 30 bones with shipping. What could I lose?
A few people had mentioned there is an adjustment when switching to these blades and they are dead on. My first impression is that shaving path of the razor is much narrower than my old Mach3s. It seems like I have to make more passes to get my full coverage. I am also a head shaver and that made for a challenging adjustment as well. Don’t let this discourage you though, the Dorco blades and razor are all top quality, give a lasting shave and the blades just seem to last. Razor burn? Well that seems to be where the Dorco blades excel because I really notice it a LOT less. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase and plan to be a returning customer.
Now, if you can make a razor that makes me actually want to shave, then you can get 5 stars all day long, but we’re not quite there yet. Frankly, I doubt such a razor exists. Because of that and the narrow shaving path, I give these 4 stars. But by all means, come and get ya some. You will be glad you did.

Incredible razors, incredible price!

Posted by Ryan Evans on 3/7/2014

When I placed my order, I was hopeful that I'd enjoy a comparable shave at a cheaper price than I'd been getting with my old Mach 3 razors. Not only is the price difference huge, but a much better, more comfortable shave.

So far so good just maybe need to change blades more often

Posted by David Smith on 3/5/2014

The blades work great I shave my head and will use a blade till I get razor burn? But I relized I dont need to do that now because the cost of your blades let me change them after about 4-5 shaves. They do work good an I get a great shave.

Works great for a great price

Posted by Matt on 3/4/2014

I just bought my first Dorco system and couldn't be happier. The system and cartridges are inexpensive, and work just as well (if not better) than the Mach 3 and Shick Hydro that I had been using. I love getting a good deal and Dorco definitely delivered.

Quality razors at a good price

Posted by Kyle on 2/19/2014

I've been using the razor's for about 2 weeks and they are as at least as good or better than any of the brand names I've used before like gillette.

71 years to fnd the best shave

Posted by Norman John on 2/14/2014

The best shaving system I have ever used. In 71 years I have not experienced such a great shave. I waited for a full days growth to shave with the Dorco(Pace3). The blades are so sharp I could hear the blades cut the hair. Not a nick or scratch or blood and yet the closest, most comfortable shave I have ever had. Dorco has made me a convert. I have finally found my shaving system.

Great shave for a even better price.

Posted by Spencer Goolsby on 1/30/2014

I have to say, after a couple of weeks using this blade, I honestly cannot tell a difference in the shave quality with this compared to its much higher priced brethren. Keep more of your money in your pocket and keep your face tight with a nice clean shave with this guy!

Price good, quality OK

Posted by John Herrmann on 1/22/2014

Here's the good stuff: The price is excellent, the razor has a good feel, and the shave is comfortable. The bad stuff: the blades don't hold their edge like my former brand. When they start to dull, they don't drag, but don't cut close either. Balancing price with longevity, it's still a good deal.

Christmas gift well received. : )

Posted by Tom on 1/2/2014

My brother loves them.