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Pace 3 Combo Set

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For the discerning shaver that believes less is more. The Pace 3 delivers 3 angulated, micro-positioned blades for precise shaving and effortless rinsing. Its tilting head navigates over sensitive terrain with ease while the triple-formula moisturizing strip keeps skin nourished and primed for your next great shave. The Pace 3 Combo Set includes 1 Pace 3 handle and 10 total blade cartridges.






Pace 3 Combo Set Reviews

Based on 103 reviews

Glad to have made the switch!

Posted by Don Ogata on 8/22/2013

I have been a Schick Hydro 3 user for many years. After seeing the prices on a 4-refill pack, I decided to give the 3 blade system a try. It took about a week for me to get used to the new razor but I'm getting a closer shave now than with the Schick. Given the same amount of money got me the razor and 10 refills, I'll never go back.

Buy the best and forget the rest!

Posted by Dave Simoniello on 8/19/2013

This product was recommended from a very close friend in Arizona that first found the products advertised during the news in Pheonix area. I beieve the news might have been doing a product review. He decided to try your product t, then when I visited, he handed me a throw away trial and said that I must try this this...they last so long and said the quality was impectible. I tried the razor and agreed and now have placed my first order! Thaks for the free shippiing also!

Best bet, getting used to it.

Posted by Jon on 8/8/2013

We made a bulk purchase for my family of 2 razors & 10 cartridges. We are satisfied not only on price but performance. As with any new products, especially a razor, there is a slight learning curve only because of a "new to you" handle shape. At first you may panic at your purchase but later realize that it's something you'll get used to....just like the curve with the one you were using before. Go ahead and take the plunge- this is one of the best deals on the web.

Switched on the spot

Posted by Damian Fisher on 8/1/2013

I used Mach3 Gillete most of my life and needed to buy some replacement cartridges. After looking around at various stores my replacement blades seemed very expensive so I decided to do a Google search for some different blades and ran across the Dorco website. I order a Handle Package and received it in the mail today. I shaved immediatley with the new system and fell in love with it the first time. The razor handle felt better in my hand and the razors are very sharp giving me the closest shave I've ever had. For a fraction of the cost I don't think I'll ever buy another Mach 3. My wife loved how smooth my face felt.

Three bucks for a Mach 3 Blade? That's a buck a Mach.

Posted by Tom on 7/23/2013

Enough already. I've been shaving my head since before it was fashionable, so I go through a few blades and decided to investigate the alternatives. Had some Mach 3 blades, bought the knockoffs and some Dorco blades to compare them over a few shaves.

I was uncomfortable with the first Dorco shave, but, like any new tool, it worked great
after I got the touch of it. The handle is heavier than the Gillette, and much more comfortable to hold. I like it. The blade head does float, and in about the same range a the Gillette. It is somewhat stiffer, so at first
adjusting to the blade angle and float was a challenge.

After a few shaves with each manufacturer I returned the Gillette knockoffs and ordered a supply of the Dorco blades. Still have a couple of Mach 3's left and shaved with one yesterday. I really like the Dorco quite a bit better than the Mach 3.

And, after all, the Gillette only costs 375% more.

Better than Mach 3

Posted by Mike Goodwin on 7/21/2013

I have used Mach 3 my entire adult life and I decided on a whim to try this system because of the price, I was very surprised to find these Dorco 3 blade men's razor lasted longer and shaved better than my old Mach 3. Lubrication strips stay fresh longer with these blades as well. I would definitely recommend A++ the only change might be a slimmer handle design.

Will never go back to over priced razors!

Posted by Earl on 7/21/2013

Have found these razors better that Mach 3
and started telling all my friends. This will be my razor from now on!

Better than the Mach 3

Posted by Mark Boette on 7/17/2013

I bought these razors to replace my overpriced Gillette Mach 3, which I had been using for over 15 years. These razors gave me a better shave, and lasted longer than the Mach 3's, for obviously way less money. I've been spreading the gospel of Dorco to everyone I know.

A winner

Posted by Mike D. on 7/10/2013

These are better than the Mach 3 system. Price is better, lube strip is better and glides easier, the blade doesn't fall off the handle as easily.
Takes a little getting used to the slightly different angle..but when you find it ,the razor performs as promised and then some!
Goodbye Gillette and Shick...I have other plans for that money!

What a deal

Posted by Greg $ on 6/29/2013

Been using the first blade for a month and it still not pulling,a disposable razor last about two weeks before it pulls.Big plus is the handle it brings back memories of younger days when razors had weight! Very balanced. Thank you Mr. Hill, Dorco is going to be my razor for as long as I can buy them.

Not close enough!

Posted by Tim Nesbitt on 6/23/2013

I appreciate how quickly my order arrived and I appreciate the follow up note I received to ensure i received my order. I purchased the 3 blade system. The handle is very comfortable and appears to be very well constructed. My complaint is that it does not shave close enough for me. I normally use the Gillette Fusion for shaving my face & head and I am satisfied with it but not satisfied w/the cost.

Sadly, I am not satisfied w/the closeness of the Dorco 3 blade system's shave. I plan to try Dorco's 4 blade system as a fair comparison.

Pleasant surprise

Posted by Dave on 6/17/2013

I Read some reviews and was disgusted with how much my Mach 3 blades were costing me, so I took a chance. These are as good or better. Bye Gilette! I get a smooth shave without any pulling and the blade clears easily in water. I have an average beard so I've gotten 8 shaves and it's still working well enough. Very satisfied.