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You’re gonna love this razor system! Promise.

Don’t believe us? 1. Work on trusting people. 2. Check out these features…

- Like a good Nobel laureate or beauty pageant winner, this is a handle with substance.
- “Being prepared is half the battle,” says our built-in rubber fin to your hairs as it positions them just right for a close shave.
- We have a special design that makes blades easier to clean and last longer. We call it “Venetian Flow™.” Other brands call it “Wait, what’s that? We don’t have that.”
- A trio of blades do their thang for thinner hair or more sensitive skin.
- This razor has friends! Chamomile, olive oil and allantoin get cozy in a lubricating strip to soothe even sensitive skin.



1 Handle
2 Cartridges


3 Blades
Flow through blade construction
Pivot head
Lubricating strip: contains chamomile, olive oil and allantoin
Safety caps
Product Code: TRA1000




Pace 3 (On Sale: $3.15 - 40% off) Reviews

Based on 123 reviews

It's a mixed bag - pros and cons

Posted by Geoff Archer on 2/18/2019

There are things to like and dislike.

I get a good close shave with fewer razor bumps.
My face never feels "scraped".

- The head is larger than my other 3 blade razor. It means contorting my face more and occasional missed hairs around the nostrils
- It takes more strokes to shave.
- The blades get gummed up frequently and rinsing after every two strokes is a drag.
- It skips spots occasionally. It's like the razor slides right over a patch of hair.
- The Dorco logo plastic tag popped off almost immediately and won't stay on (Doesn't matter practically speaking, but gives a bad first impression)

So there it is. Love it or leave it.

You get what you pay for !!

Posted by Dwayne Bell on 11/14/2018

I can honestly say I was optimistic but the price should have been a dead giveaway. I use Schick usually and am pretty happy as it cuts close and is a bit pricey but again you get what you pay for! A year the higher blade counts are better but for this particular razor you would be better off with a cheap disposable! My opinion only!

A better shave, I found it.

Posted by Robert McGrath on 2/16/2017

I'm old (68), gray beard, tough beard. Since being on a CPAP my beard grows like crazy. I've tried them ALL; 3-4-5-6 blades. Gillette Schick Harry's Dorco. Best for good money is 3 Blade Dorco. WHY? It cleans out better. You can't get the muck out of high count blades, no room. I rub in water then beard oil (Somerset) and then rub very little dab of Cremo all over. Clean shave, no tug, no irritation, very smooth finish. I'll have to some menthol D'creme to try it too. BIGGEST reason is 3 blade has room to cut tough beards and clean out between blades. SAVE MONEY, get 3 blade Dorco. PERIOD.

Pace 3

Posted by Noreen J. on 7/20/2016

Bought this for hubster, for face/beard after discovering the wonderful Shai 3 for in-the-shower use for both of us.
He loves it!
Schick and Gillette cannot compare to the quality and price of tbe Pace razor.
And DORCO USA has actually put SERVICE back in to Customer Service.

Dorco Pace 3

Posted by Noreen Jameson on 7/15/2016

Bought this for hubster's face after weboth fell in love with the Shai 3 in the shower! A former Gillette and or Schick guy, he loves the sturdiness of this razor and the replacement cartridges are absolutely great, they are inexpensive and yet they last longer!
Verrrry pleased.

Wow! Very Unexpected!

Posted by Ed Marshall on 5/11/2015

I’ve used Mach 3 for 20+ years. I shave after a shower with Edge gel and the blade lasts about a month. I did an every other day shave with Mach 3 and Dorco 3. After 6 weeks, or about 20 shaves per blade, Mach 3 is pulling just a bit and the Dorco is still smooth. Mach 3 at Sam’s club is $41.00 for 20 blades. Dorco with coupon was $17.00 for 16 blades (including shipping). Wow! Very unexpected! Dorco wins a new customer!

Never Looking Back

Posted by James K on 9/2/2014

Coming from a Mach 3. Ordered this thinking it would be a replacement. It turned out it was. Took 1-2 shaves to get used to the feel and spring-loaded head (it has a little more 'give' then the Mach 3), but now it feels great. Close shaves and bladers that don't seem to dull easily. I have a soft beard and am still using the SAME BLADE for about a month (I do make sure to dry the blade after use with a few snaps of the wrist). If you're on the fence with this company you won't be sorry.

Good Shave For The Money, But Not The Best

Posted by John on 4/30/2014

I've been using the Pace 3 for a few weeks now. The handle feels solid and of good quality. The shave comfort is also top notch - no nicks, no burn, and it gives a close shave. I've recommended them to two coworkers so far but with this one caveat - while the shave is close and adequate, it is not AS CLOSE as my Mach 3 Power. I can feel growth sooner with the Pace 3 system. Not a big deal, but it is tangible. All things considered - I'm now a customer of yours.

Little leary at first

Posted by L. T. on 4/27/2014

I was a little leary when I first ordered this razor package after trying a similar one from another company and getting totally burned but these blade pleasantly surprised me, they shave smooth without pulling and I would and can compare them to Gillette and Wilkinson which I have used both over the years. I plan to order refills for my handle soon and will probably keep ordering them as long as they are around at these prices. Highly recommend.

Smooth Shave

Posted by Jim on 4/23/2014

So Far, I have used the 6 and 3 Blade, both are very smooth. I prefer the 3 Blade because of my sensitive skin and lite beard.

Little leary at first

Posted by L. T. on 4/23/2014

When I first ordered this product I was a little leary, I had tried other off brands with no luck but this product surprised me, I would and can compare them to Gillette and Wilkinson both of which I have use for years and this razor shaves just as close and comfortable as them. I will buy more and I highly recommend them.

The Best!

Posted by JK Healy on 4/21/2014

Try Dorco, and you'll never go back to overpaying for razor blades again. Great, smooth shave at a fraction of the cost of regular blades.