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Pace 5 Pro

You’re gonna love this razor system! Promise.

Don’t believe us? 1. Work on trusting people. 2. Check out these features…

- Try not to fawn over the newest, sleekest addition to our razor lineup
- You wear a coat because it's chilly outside. Our quality blades wear a coating because it makes them last longer. You two have so much in common. 
- Boom! Bonus blade. This trimmer is ideal for detail work, like beards and bikini lines.
- Vitamin E & aloe lubricating strip makes that razor glide baby.

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Pace 5 Pro Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

This handle and cartridge are legit!

Posted by EeZeEpEe on 6/12/2019

I've been using Harry's for the last 3 years and they've been very but I gave Dorco and their Pace 5 Pro a try over that last 2.5 weeks (9 shaves) and this thing is legit. I looked them up maybe 6+ months ago but wanted a comparable 5 blade cartridge with a trimmer. My Harry's reminder email for delivery ended up reminding me to check out Dorco again and this time I saw the Pace 5 Pro and decided to order just a single handle and cartridge. Can't go wrong for only $7 no tax or shipping.

Things I noticed so far compared to Gillette, Harry's, and Dorco:
- Interesting how the spacing differs on the cartridges even though they all have 5 blades. Dorco's is the narrowest however I don't have a problem rinsing it clean.
- The handles are very similar between Harry's and Dorco but there is more rubber grip on the Pace 5 Pro.
- Harry's has a plastic mechanism on each cartridge for flexibility. Dorco's and Gillette's appears to be a metal mechanism that's only on the handle.
- First shave with Dorco was very good with no little nicks. Even after my 7 shave (I shave every other day and change cartridges every 2 week) it felt just as smooth at the first with no red dots when patting dry.
- The current sale Dorco's has going for Memorial Day/Father's Day makes the blades only $0.94 each when getting 24 blades which will last me a year. That's $22.50 savings over Harry's and $45.48 over Gillette (Amazon prices)!

Pace 5 Pro

Posted by Olde Hound on 3/19/2019

For me, this is the best DORCO razor yet. So far I have gotten 4 excellent shaves, and I believe I'll get at least 3 more. Very smooth, comparable to top quality Gillette Fusions, Just took advantage of a great DORCO sale and have 16 blades heading my way, at a cost of $1.26/blade with discount. I am not a Gillette hater and alternate this razor with the new Gillette SkinGuard. I am very pleased with the smoothness of each DORCO shave, and the blade has not dulled. Seems to be a shaving debate that fewer blades are better for sensitive skin. I find the Pace 5 Pro to be gentler than a Mach 3. Very happy with this razor so far!

Not as good as I wanted them to be.

Posted by E Isen on 3/14/2019

The handle and the blades are a beauty. Yeah. Razor products that *look* good.

LOVE the handle.
The blades? Well, they suffer a similar problem to the Pace 7. The back is mostly blocked by the design making it very difficult, if not impossible, to get the hair out.

Looks like I’m sticking with my remaining Pace 4s and the even better Pace 6 plus.

Pace 5 Pro

Posted by Tom on 3/14/2019

The lubricating strip never really dried out, just stayed wet and left a yellow stain on the cabinet. Never had that problem with other Dorco cartridges. I'll be going back to the Pace 6 Plus.

Huge difference!!!!!

Posted by Aaron Holyfield on 3/5/2019

I have tried all the shave clubs, always went back to Gillette until I discovered Dorco. I have tried every razor system they have I landed on the 4 blade, but recently received the new 5 blade. All I can say is wow, dollar for dollar you can not compare Dorco to any other. I highly recommend give them a try.

Pace 5 Pro - Best Dorco product yet!

Posted by Eric on 2/27/2019

Dorco has finally hit a homerun on the Pace 5 Pro. I’ve tried both the Pace 4 and Pace 6+ and was underwhelmed by both, despite the glowing reviews. I really wanted to like them, but a satisfying shave was eluding me with the Pace system.
I was finishing up my supply of Pace 6+ and was set to switch back to the Big G when I saw an email announcing the Pace 5 Pro. For my face, the blades of the Pace 6+ are too close and just don’t clear stubble well. The thickness of the cartridge on the 6+ is also a detriment to trimming hard-to-reach spots. I decided to give Dorco one last try with the Pace 5 Pro and boy, I’m glad I did!
The 5 Pro is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. The spacing between the blades looks to be slightly larger than the Pace 6+ and really helps with the smoothness of the draw and reduction of felt “tugging.” The cartridge is nice a low profile (roughly half the thickness of the 6+) and the trimming blade does very well in tight spots. The cartridge has a greater range of motion (pivots more on the handle) than the Pace 6+ and moves quite nicely over the contours of my face. In short, the shave is great and I am completely satisfied!
Thanks Dorco, for coming out with a great product right in the nick of time – you saved a customer! If you’ve had less than optimal results from other system, Give the Pace 5 Pro a look.