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Pace 7

You’re gonna love this razor system! Promise.

Don’t believe us? 1. Work on trusting people. 2. Check out these features…

- It’s the right blend of metal and rubber for maximum grippage and minimum slippage.
- We have a special design that makes blades easier to clean and last longer. We call it “Venetian Flow™.” Other brands call it “Wait, what’s that? We don’t have that.”
- There isn’t a world record for blade count, but if there were, we’d have it. Because this is the world’s first seven-blade shave.
- You wear a coat because it’s chilly outside. Our quality blades wear a coating because it makes them last longer. You two have so much in common.
- A rubber guard bar helps our razors glide over your face effortlessly. Also, it’s in a honeycomb pattern, which is both functional and adorable.
- If your face were one straight line, we wouldn’t need a tilting head that flexes to your unique contours. But it’s not, so we’ve got one.
- This razor adores your skin and would never do anything to hurt it, baby. It uses a lubricating strip made of antioxidants from argan oil and calendula extract to minimize irritation.

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Pace 7 Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

customer service

Posted by Michael D. Cooke on 2/26/2019

Really good razor and blades but terrible customer service. You can not talk to anyone, only email them. If you have issues it is like talking to a robot. It takes a long time for them to respond. After I finish using the blades that I have purchased, I will likely go to another company, not because of a poor product , but due to poor customer service. You feel like they don't give a damn about you or care whether you purchase their product.

disappointed the new handle design makes it appear that it flexes like another brands Fusion handle

Posted by Robert Larson on 1/9/2019

I didn't need a new razor handle, nor did my son. But this one looked like it had the swivel head so I ordered two. . Bad me for thinking pivoting head was something new and not the same vertical up and down pivot. Oh well, next time I'll send an email and ask. Just odd to make it look like much like the other brands that has it, but not have it.


Posted by WILLG on 12/26/2018

I've tried Gillette Fusion Mach 3, Schick Hydro 5. The Pace 7 is better than either system. Even with a heavy beard, my shave was close and comfortable. The lubrication strip was effective, drag and irritation were negligible. A great razor at a great price - from now on it's Dorco.

Not as good as I had hoped.

Posted by Jeff - Florida on 12/20/2018

I had high hopes for the Pace 7. I have a heavy beard and the Pace 7 just doesn't cut it. It's hard to keep even contact with my skin as it tends to pull and jump. That's not what I want sharp blades doing on my face. Even pushing hard, it leaves stubble. This is not an issue I have with my Gillette Fusion +. It ended up taking me twice as long to shave as it normally does. I'm not sure if the blades aren't sharp of if there is an issue with the engineering of the handle. One way or other, the combination just doesn't work for me.

Love the Pace 7

Posted by C. Romeo on 10/22/2018

I love the Pace 7! I thought 7 blades would be overkill and too harsh on the skin, but the design of this razor is a step above and makes it work! The rubber guard at the bottom of the cartridge pulls & smooths the skin flat so that the blades can slide across smoothly. Since I have been using this razor, I haven't experience razor burns or nicks, but be sure to use less strokes than you usually do, because you will end up raw if you take too many passes with this many blades. The handle is comfortable in the hand and very easy to grip. I would say most men could get close to a month out of each cartridge if shaving once per day; women shaving legs might need to change cartridge more frequently, but it definitely outperforms Gillette or anything else I've ever used. This is my new "go-to" for now. Great for both men and women, I love the Pace 7! Thanks Dorco! :-)

Pace 7

Posted by MICHAEL COWAN on 10/15/2018

My father was a Gillette guy and I have been using them for 62 years. I just finished trying the Pace 7 which gave me one of the most comfortable shaves with a great life. I feel freed from my bondage. It's a great blade and would be an extraordinary blade if it had a trimmer. Maybe there is a Pace 7+ coming.

great razor but.....

Posted by christopher washington on 9/21/2018

I have been a dorco fan for a few years now and will never go back to gillette. Although I do think the mach brand is a great razor, its not that much better to justify the price. Its like buying a Chevy Tahoe instead of the GMC Yukon if the Yukon was a few bucks cheaper. As far as these blades go, I like them but am not in love with them like the 6 blade system I usually get. The reason why is mainly because there is no razor on the top to get those fine areas that I need to get behind my ears. Yes they are a little harder to clean, but no big deal. If they had the extra razor for the top I would be totally converted to this blade.

I like the Pace 6 blades better

Posted by Joe on 2/17/2018

Not a fan of the 7 blades, I like the Pace 6 better. Biggest reason is the 7 blades are so packed together it is harder to clean out with just a wash. I do have thicker hair but its a consideration. Also, I miss the little shaping blade the 6 has on top.

Closest, Smoothest Shave EVER!!

Posted by Matthew Rubano on 11/20/2017

This is the best shave ever!!
I strayed and tried a "Shave Club".
Dorco shavers are much better, shave smoother & closer, and last MUCH longer.
Thank you DorcoUSA!!


Posted by MAS on 9/30/2017

I shave with a DE safety razor. But TSA regulations make packing a safety razor questionable. Certainly, DE blades cannot be packed in carry-on luggage. So, the only real solution is to pack a cartridge razor (which TSA allows).

I tried the Dorco due to being familiar with their Dorco Prime DE blades. They give me a close, comfortable shave. They're super-thin, soft, yet very sharp. I expected the same with the Pace 7.

I was not disappointed.

The shave was close and wonderfully smooth. I was very surprised. The blades didn't clog with hair or lather and rinsed easily.

The handle has nice heft and looks great! It has good griping, feels nice in the hand, and allows for good maneuverability.

Minor points of contention (but in no way deal-breakers):
I wish it had a trimming blade on the reverse side for getting into tight areas such as under the nose. (Perhaps with more practice/use I won't need this).
I'd like to see some data on how many shaves you can expect to get from one cartridge. It would help plan packing for a trip.

The final result? No nicks, no cuts, no irritation! I'll travel with these every time!

If you're a cartridge razor shaver, you'll love this razor! If you're a safety razor shaver and need a razor for travel, this is the one to get!

Close shave, but...

Posted by Mike on 5/20/2017

Very close shave, but in my opinion 6+ is much better. 7 clogges up and is not very easy to clean (in Dorco's defense, I have not shaved for 3 days). The handle is very nice.

Best Razor Cartridge You Can Buy !!!!!!!

Posted by Mike S on 5/5/2017

I am in my 70's and shave every day. I have tried every razor cartridge on the market. When I started using Gillette Fusion Proglide cartridges about five years ago I thought they were the best. I got a little tired of paying the outrageous prices that Gillette was charging close to $4.50 each I decided to try the Dorco 7. Well needless to say in my opinion they are the HOLY GRAIL of razor cartridges. Not only more than half the price but it delivers the most comfortable irritation free shave I have ever experienced. Take it from a guy that has a thick wirey beard and extremely sensitive skin prone to razor bumps. Been using the 7 for about 6 weeks now, no irritation and no razor bumps.The only negative is the lack of a trimmer. Just ordered 24 Pace 7 cartridges. So Long Gillette.