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It's time you rethink your morning routine with the world's first 7 blade razor system. Introducing the Pace 7. The 7 micro-positioned blades work together to eliminate hair well below the surface while its pivoting head glides across sensitive terrain with ease. The Pace 7 also features the Venetian Flow™ angulated blade flow-through platform for easy rinsing, quicker shaves and longer blade-life.

Here's what Rob from San Francisco had to say: "Best shave I've had in a long while. An extremely close, smooth finish. No tugging or irritation."

Welcome to the next level. Close has never been closer.

  • The World's First and Only 7 Blade System.
  • 7 Precision Aligned Blades: Micro Positioned to deliver the most comfortable and smooth shave.
  • Venetian Flow™: Allows for easy rinsing. This feature also increases blade life.
  • Advanced Moisturizing Strip: Antioxidants from Argan oil and Calendula extract minimizes skin irritation.
  • Honeycomb Guard Bar: Soft rubber surface allows effortless gliding on the skin.
  • Common Docking: Any Dorco® 3, 4, 6 or 7 blade cartridge will fit on this system allowing you to discover the perfect shave.








PACE 7 Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

Finally a True Gilette Competitor

Posted by Mark on 4/18/2016

Purchased the Pace 6 for the same reason as many of you, savings. Never really satisfied with it but just used the Pace 7 and can say unequivocally, you are sacrificing nothing moving away from Gilette..Factor in the price savings and its truly a no-brainer


Posted by SILVANA SMITH on 4/12/2016

This was my second order from your company, I would NEVER buy razors from anywhere else. There's no comparison, this 7 blade razor is amazing, thank you so much! The shipping was fast, well prepacked, overall excellent experience. Did I mention I LOVE THIS RAZOR?!?!

Can't Go Wrong

Posted by Kenneth Plaster on 2/18/2016

Well,you have sold me again.Just ordered again.Love the new Pace 7.I can't say it's better than the Pro Glide.But,the price out way's performance for sure.I usually get a month out of the Pro Glide.I got a little over 2 week's out of the Pace 7.I not once cut myself compared to the cut's and nicks from the Pace 6 plus.I don't need the trimmer because the Pace 7 head is small enough to get in those trim place's without cutting me.Also,have read some reviews with the head getting clogged up.No problem here.Think it stay's alot cleaner than the 6 plus.

Just get it for the handle, head isn't worth it

Posted by Nitesh on 2/5/2016

I ordered a bunch of Pace 6 heads but needed a handle, so I paid the extra dollar or two just to get the nicer handle, since Dorco cartridges work with all handles (thanks!).

The head though, not worth the "upgrade" if you're happy with the one you have, it's probably actually a downgrade. It clogs so fast, but even unclogged on a fresh stroke there was so much tug it felt like it was pulling out half the stubble rather than cutting it. The 7th blade, heck probably the 6th...And 5th...Don't do anything appreciable besides increase drag.

I have not tried the Pace 6 cartridges (the 20 I ordered...) yet, hopefully they're better.

Nice Razor

Posted by Kenneth Plaster on 2/2/2016

Thought we would give this one a try.Have used and reviewed the Pace 6 after over a year of use.I had went back to using the Gillette Pro Glide.Well,First look at the razor it is smaller razor head than the Pace 6.Comparing to the Pro Glide it's the same size razor.The handle is nice.But,its all plastic and the connection to razor head is plastic.So has with my experience it is easy to break if not careful.Now,my first shave was nice.Just noisy has the Pace 6.But,it does shave better than the 6.So far I maybe a believer with Dorco again.This is a great product for the money and a big advancement over the 6 .We are still comparing with the Pro Glide since I have a couple refill's left.Also.have some of the Pace6 refill's left that I need to use up.One nice thing about the flexible handle.Can be used with all there products.Shave on my friend's.

Close Shave but Hard on Face

Posted by Wynn Raymond on 1/30/2016

I've been a Pace 6 user for about a year and have been very satisfied. When I saw the Pace 7, I thought if the 6 was so good, the 7 was definitely worth a try. The Pace 7 blades give an incrementally closer shave than the Pace 6, but there is much more drag. The guard bar catches and bunches up my skin in front of the blades resultingI in many bleeding scrapes.With the Pace 7 cartridges, my skin is always irritated and sore after shaving. I never had any of these problems with the Pace 6. The Pace 6 cartridge moved smoothly over my face with no bunching of skin or scraping. I only had a couple of bleeding incidents with these blades, both of them due to my fumbling the razor while shaving. The Pace 6 lube strip also seemed to last 2-3 days longer than the Pace 7, so I was able to get more shaves out of the blade. When I finished my first pack of Pace 7 cartridges, I thought perhaps I was imagining the differences from the 6. I had one new 6 cartridge left so I switched back a few days ago. What a difference! The 6 still shaves as smooth as butter with no scraping, bleeding, or skin irritation. Unfortunately, I have 5 packs of Pace 7's left, so will scrape my way through until they are finished and then go back to the 6's.

Simply...The Best!

Posted by Michael Cipriano on 1/17/2016

First I would like to explain a little bit about how I shave. When I shave, I start at the side-burn area and shave downward. I have never been the type to turn the razor upside down and shave UP after I have shaved DOWN. So what I do is shave down on my whole face and neck area, and then when I am done, I actually like to go over the whole area with an electric razor (just to catch what shaving "down" only, didn't catch). When I used to use the Pace6 (an excellent razor, by the way) I could feel all the stuff that the electric razor would catch that shaving with the Pace6 (again in a downward motion only) didn't catch. Now that I use the Pace7 (similar to another reviewer who purchased them because they were on sale) I thought something was wrong with my electric razor because when I went to use it, to clean up the excess, I almost didn't even hear it making any shaving noise and didn't feel any shaving "tug" either. Come to find out, the reason why is because the Pace7 shaved me THAT clean! No irritation (and my skin is sensitive too, I shave every other day), no cutting, just a smooth...clean...shave. I don't know if I would try a Pace8 or a Pace9 (if they ever get invented), but for now, the Pace7 is literally the best shave I have ever had. I used to use a Schick Hydro 5, and this completely blows it away and is much cheaper.


Posted by Rob Millburn on 1/14/2016

I've tried them all, form electric to Gillette Proglide, even bought into the whole "flexball" thing. Nothing beats the Pace 7 razor! And the price, forget about it, the 16 cartridge pricing is 2.04 each. An unbelievable price for a razor of this quality. When I'm done with this review, I'm buying a year's worth before they raise the price...LOL. The shave itself was as smooth, or smoother than an electric razor, and the closeness, was un-matched! The ultimate test for me is the just above my top lip, (mustache area) where I even get some irritation from time to time from with an electric razor. With the Pace 7, I had nothing! No irritation, no redness, nothing, notta, zilch. Look out Gillette, there's a new sheriff in town.

The best and a bargain

Posted by Barry Manz on 1/7/2016

I have used cartridge-type and disposable razors from every major manufacturer, including the shave clubs that are now in vogue. The Pace 7, at $2 a blade, is equivalent to the best from Gillette, which continues to charge insane prices for their products -- even in large quantities at discounters. Granted, the Fusion ProGlide is an excellent product, but insultingly expensive. The Pace 7 (or Pace 6) does the same job for less money, so I'm a believer. The only problem I have with many-bladed razors is that they cannot reach under your nose as the housing precludes it. So...I use a double-edged razor for this, which takes about 2 seconds. It's interesting to note that a high-end safety razor will give you the same closeness with ONE blade as any many-bladed razor. But you cannot fly across your face -- it takes some care. That said, the Pace 7 is a superb product: Exceptionally close shave, smooth, rinses easily (amazingly enough) -- and is a bargain

First impression: Great

Posted by Ed on 12/14/2015

I love using the Dorco razors. I've used the Pace 4, 6, and 6+.

They're ok, but the saving grace has always been the cost. The blades were never quite as good as the Mach 3 Turbo, but at a fraction of the cost, I could deal.

So, where does the Pace 7 shine (at least on my first shave)?
* Gave a very close, smooth shave.
* Less passes over my head.
* That annoying pivoting head is gone. I mean, it still pivots, but requires a bit more pressure. ◀ THIS. IS. AWESOME.
* Price is still excellent.
* Handle feels like it was made a lot better.
* That Pace 7 presentation box was classy.

Keep the quality up on this one.


Posted by Carl Mandiola on 11/23/2015

This Pace 7 Razor is the BEST RAZOR OUT THERE !!! Mind you, I'm not a big user of a lot of razors, so I thought I bought the best; the Gillette Fusion ProGlide. It was good, but when I took chance on the Pace 7 Razor I was utterly amazed. I have NEVER had such a close shave and it contoured JUST as good as using the Gillette; and the Pace 7 didn't even have FlexBall, but yet it "outpaced" the Gillette Fusion! I guess that's why they call it "Pace," cause it OUTPACES them all. I literally felt NO hair on any part of my face and neck after using the Pace 7. Also, I have sensitive skin and can only shave once every 5 days and with my thick stubble it took it off with ease. Thank you DORCO for putting out such a great product !!!

Favorite New Razor

Posted by g on 10/21/2015

I was using Pace 6+ razor and cartridges, but I decided to give this a try because it was on sale. Moreover, it offers just as close of a shave Pace 6+, but for my sensitive skin PAce 7 is offer a smoother shave, and there is no irritation.