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Pace Frugal Dude Pack

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The Pace Frugal Dude Pack is perfect if you're looking for quality shaving products that fit your budget. Based on each razor and cartridge delivering a minimum of 7 to 14 quality shaves, this combo pack will last about a year. That's one year of razors for around $47!

Dorco Pace Frugal Dude Pack Includes:

Pace 6 Plus, (SXA5000) (1 handle and 2 cartridges)
Pace 6 Plus Cartridges, (SXA5040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 4 Cartridges, (FRA1040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 3, (TRA1000) (1 handle and 2 cartridges)
Pace 3, Cartridges (TRA1040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 6 Plus Disposables, (SXB100) (6 disposables)
Pace 3 Disposables, (TRB100) (6 disposables)

TOTAL:  2 systems, 16 cartridges, 12 disposables



Pace Frugal Dude Pack Reviews

Based on 256 reviews

I'm sold!

Posted by KCerveny on 4/29/2013

Unbelievable! The 6-blade system is as good or better than the Schick Hydro 5 I've been using for the past few years. Big difference is that your cartridges are about 1/3 the price of the Schick ones.

Impressive...converted customer!!

Posted by Paul DeGroot on 4/29/2013

I figured why not give it a try...if they didn't work or shave well, then it was only a small amount of money spent. Well, I am sold!! Goodbye brand name break the bank razors and cartridges and hello DorcoUSA. I am converted. Oh, I waited about a month to rate this just so I could see how long the blade would last. The 6 blade has lasted as long as the Gillette blades with a close shave, so for me that was all I needed to save an incredible amount of money.

Decent Shave not Great

Posted by Mike on 4/29/2013

The disposable razor was just that a disposable razor, shaves OK.
Used the 6 blade and the razor does not compare to higher priced razors so in this case you get what you pay for.

excellent value

Posted by jan on 4/28/2013

shaves very well and is comfortable

Quality + Price = BYE BYE Gillette!

Posted by Craig on 4/28/2013

This is a very simple no brainer. National brands cost too much. Dorco/Pace doesn't. I use a 6 blade for my face and a 4 blade for my upper lip. I almost stopped a guy at the store to tell him about DORCO. Next time I will. Pass the word.

great deal

Posted by MJones on 4/24/2013

drop your dollarshaveclub.com subscription and save the money here, great items and great prices


Posted by Jon Rickman on 4/24/2013

These razors are phenomenal. They last me twice as long as Gillette, and their ridiculous prices. Keep cranking them out guys and I'll buy them, coming from a guy who used to have to shave twice a day in the Marine Corps.

great razors for the price

Posted by Neal Andrews on 4/17/2013

Great razors for the price will order again...


Posted by Burnt on 4/16/2013

That is every possible way to spell hot. And yet it isn't enough to express how scorchingly glorious this deal is.

best shave yet

Posted by Drew on 4/15/2013

Have been using mach 3 since it came out. Gave me what I thought was an expensive, but good shave. Had no idea that I could get a much closer shave without the irritation the mach 3 seems to give me. Never had a shave so close and yet so comfortable.

Disposable products

Posted by Jeff Wallen on 4/12/2013

I have only used one of the disposable items as of yet. It is horrible. I have to trim around a goatee and it misses huge areas and can not trim close. I actually had to pull the item i was replacing from the trash because it did a better job than the brand new out of the package disposable from Dorco. I can only hope the others are better.

Excellent Value and Service

Posted by Laurence McMerty on 4/11/2013

An excellent product at a terrific price. The package arrived exactly as described. Very impressed with the speed of delivery.