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Pace Frugal Dude Pack

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The Pace Frugal Dude Pack is perfect if you're looking for quality shaving products that fit your budget. Based on each razor and cartridge delivering a minimum of 7 to 14 quality shaves, this combo pack will last about a year. That's one year of razors for around $47!

Dorco Pace Frugal Dude Pack Includes:

Pace 6 Plus, (SXA5000) (1 handle and 2 cartridges)
Pace 6 Plus Cartridges, (SXA5040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 4 Cartridges, (FRA1040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 3, (TRA1000) (1 handle and 2 cartridges)
Pace 3, Cartridges (TRA1040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 6 Plus Disposables, (SXB100) (6 disposables)
Pace 3 Disposables, (TRB100) (6 disposables)

TOTAL:  2 systems, 16 cartridges, 12 disposables



Pace Frugal Dude Pack Reviews

Based on 256 reviews

Best Shave I have had in a long time!!

Posted by Van Loggins on 10/28/2012

I haven't tried all of the different types of razors in this bundle yet, so far I'm still using the first razor I tried. I'm currently on shave 7 on the Disposable 4 blade razor I chose to try for my first razor. So far this razor has given me one of the best shaves I've had in years. I have medium to thick facial hair, I normally have a five o'clock shadow by 1 PM if I shave early in the morning. Using this four blade disposable I am able to get a baby smooth shave with no stubble, and with no nicks. With most razors (disposables or cartridge razors) In order for me to get a shave this close I usually cut myself several times. I'm very happpy and I intend to be a repeat customer once I've used all of the blades in my current bundle.

Great product as good as any Costco product

Posted by Tom Wyciskala on 10/10/2012

I have found a new best friend in shaving. I like the four blade system better than the six blade system.

Harder blades but cost savings for sure

Posted by Doug in AZ on 10/8/2012

I have used Gillette products since I was in HS and am/was very loyal to their products. When their fusion products came out they cost way to much and was happy to find a lower cost alternative. It seemed like the Sensor series got priced high at that time also.

I have been using the Dorco product for about 6 months and have been very satisfied with the product. Not overly happy or extremely happy but more than satisfied.

My beard and skin is actually pretty normal. I have to say that the shaves I get with Dorco are good, but they shave harder, that is to say they aren't as delicate a shave. I think someone with sensitive skin may not like these razors, but for most people these will do very well.

I bought the sample pack and added the women's razors for my wife. She likes hers and really likes the suction mechanism it has for the shower/bath wall (that would be a nice bit of functionality for the men's ones as well). She asked me to order her more. I also gave my son the disposable ones and he likes them and am ordering more for him today as well. I use the 6 blades and like them. I am really glad I got the sampler since I have some excellent travel blades also.

As for me, I just bought some more of the fusions last week since there was a deal at Costco. I did it partly because I wanted to test them side by side and also I like the trimming blade better on the fusion. I think I get a little more accurate shave with the fusion because the plastic sides are not as wide as they are on the Dorco product.

That said, I primarily use the Dorco except when I want/need a more 'polished' look and for the trimming under the nose and sideburns. It is rare for the 'polished look' since I am 50 and disabled & I don't have to look good for anyone I don't want to.

I think most people will be satisfied with these products, especially if you get tired of spending $40+ on 14-16 razors. I will continue to order as long as the product stays of this quality.

Also, I got the razors very quickly after the order was completed.

So far, so good

Posted by Scott on 9/26/2012

I first heard about Dorco from the Simple Dollar blogger and have the frugal dude pack. There sure are a lot of razors and blades in this pack for the money. I've tried a 4 blade disposable. I have gotten several shaves already and am satisfied with the shave. I'm looking forward to trying the 6 blade system next.

Smooth results

Posted by Alan on 9/26/2012

I found the razor bundle pack well priced. The quality of the blades are very good. I average 10 shaves per blade. Highly recommend to anyone who chooses not to be held captive by corporate cartridge manufacturers.
$3 - $4 per cartridge. Are you kidding! Goodbye Gillette.

Great value here

Posted by C.H. on 9/25/2012

This was about as good an experience as a person can hope for, with an online order. The shipping was wicked fast, (I think I got it in two or three days) the products within this bundle seem to be great. I haven't used all of the various products but I anticipate them all being of worth. Good choice.

Slow shipping and decent shave.

Posted by Andrew on 9/14/2012

I ordered this on 3rd of September and did not receive them until the 11th of September. That may count as "quick" shipment for some but I consider that pretty slow. Granted, it was FREE shipping, so I'm not allowing that to affect the number of stars I'm giving the product itself.

I typically shave with a double-edged safety razor but a friend of mine who uses DORCO blades swears by them and suggested I give the "frugal dude" pack a shot.

First shave with the six blade razor produced some of the worst razor burn I've had since I was just beginning to shave back in high school. I thought maybe it was the six blades and just wasn't used to them so I tried the three blade razor the next day. Same deal but the razor burn wasn't as severe. I've shaved with the six and three-blade razor each twice now and, though, the razor burn is improving the quality of shave is nowhere near that of a simple double-edged blade.

That being said, I'm hoping things will adjust better over time given that I'm stuck with so many razors. If things do improve with continued use I will certainly post a revised review but, so far, I'm stuck with a mediocre product.

Also, this is nowhere near enough razors for a year's worth of shaving. I replace my DE blades at least once a week - sometimes more often - but if I did that with these, I'd have to buy a new set of razors with roughly twenty weeks left in the year.

Razor is just as good if not better than the Mach3 on my other 5 blade.

Posted by Lee Thomas on 9/13/2012

I will not stop paying this Razor great deal for great quality razors. Lasting just as long as the others. Buy this product.

Good Quality Purchase

Posted by Shaverking on 9/12/2012

These are high quality razors that rival any national name brand here in the United States. I use the 6 blade razor and it hands down beats my old Gillette Fusion. I have also used the 4 blade model and it works well too.

My beard type is normal to slightly course and I get about 10 shaves out of each razor with no tugging or pulling. (I could probably push use to 15-20 shaves if I wanted to tolerate some mild tugging but why bother when they are this affordable.) I used to be lucky if I could get anywhere close to the same amount with the old Fusion.

I read some reviews complaining about the 6 blade model and thicker beards. The razors are spaced very close together (much more so then a Fusion) and I could see how that would present a problem for a man with a thicker beard. I would highly recommend for those gentlemen with thicker facial hair to try the 4 blade version instead of the 6 blade one. The blades are spaced much further appart on the 4 blade version which will probably result in a better shave for you.

All in all, these are a solid product that will save you real cash. Highly recommended.

So Many Shaving Savings!

Posted by Brian on 9/5/2012

Dorco offers a very functional, sleek and cost effective alternative to the age old fusion/hydro ad wars. Let Dorco pass the savings on to you, and be a good guy and send the disposables to your buddies in Afghanistan!

Same Nicks, LessCost

Posted by Shelly Lowenkopf on 9/5/2012

The main difference between Dorco, Gillette, and Schick is, alas, price. On that basis, I'll stay with Dorco although for me, I get more shaves per blade with the Big Two. Was so hoping for a breakthrough here.

Great Razors for an Amazing Price!

Posted by Andrew on 9/4/2012

Amazing, shipped quickly, quality razors for a steal. You have a repeat customer for life. I'm no longer throwing my money down the tubes at the local retailers... the price markups are insane at the store!