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Pace Frugal Dude Pack

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Product Description

The Pace Frugal Dude Pack is perfect if you're looking for quality shaving products that fit your budget. Based on each razor and cartridge delivering a minimum of 7 to 14 quality shaves, this combo pack will last about a year. That's one year of razors for around $47!

Dorco Pace Frugal Dude Pack Includes:

Pace 6 Plus, (SXA5000) (1 handle and 2 cartridges)
Pace 6 Plus Cartridges, (SXA5040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 4 Cartridges, (FRA1040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 3, (TRA1000) (1 handle and 2 cartridges)
Pace 3, Cartridges (TRA1040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 6 Plus Disposables, (SXB100) (6 disposables)
Pace 3 Disposables, (TRB100) (6 disposables)

TOTAL:  2 systems, 16 cartridges, 12 disposables



Product Reviews

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  1. Slow shipping and decent shave.

    Posted by Andrew on 9/14/2012

    I ordered this on 3rd of September and did not receive them until the 11th of September. That may count as "quick" shipment for some but I consider that pretty slow. Granted, it was FREE shipping, so I'm not allowing that to affect the number of stars I'm giving the product itself.

    I typically shave with a double-edged safety razor but a friend of mine who uses DORCO blades swears by them and suggested I give the "frugal dude" pack a shot.

    First shave with the six blade razor produced some of the worst razor burn I've had since I was just beginning to shave back in high school. I thought maybe it was the six blades and just wasn't used to them so I tried the three blade razor the next day. Same deal but the razor burn wasn't as severe. I've shaved with the six and three-blade razor each twice now and, though, the razor burn is improving the quality of shave is nowhere near that of a simple double-edged blade.

    That being said, I'm hoping things will adjust better over time given that I'm stuck with so many razors. If things do improve with continued use I will certainly post a revised review but, so far, I'm stuck with a mediocre product.

    Also, this is nowhere near enough razors for a year's worth of shaving. I replace my DE blades at least once a week - sometimes more often - but if I did that with these, I'd have to buy a new set of razors with roughly twenty weeks left in the year.

  2. Razor is just as good if not better than the Mach3 on my other 5 blade.

    Posted by Lee Thomas on 9/13/2012

    I will not stop paying this Razor great deal for great quality razors. Lasting just as long as the others. Buy this product.

  3. Good Quality Purchase

    Posted by Shaverking on 9/12/2012

    These are high quality razors that rival any national name brand here in the United States. I use the 6 blade razor and it hands down beats my old Gillette Fusion. I have also used the 4 blade model and it works well too.

    My beard type is normal to slightly course and I get about 10 shaves out of each razor with no tugging or pulling. (I could probably push use to 15-20 shaves if I wanted to tolerate some mild tugging but why bother when they are this affordable.) I used to be lucky if I could get anywhere close to the same amount with the old Fusion.

    I read some reviews complaining about the 6 blade model and thicker beards. The razors are spaced very close together (much more so then a Fusion) and I could see how that would present a problem for a man with a thicker beard. I would highly recommend for those gentlemen with thicker facial hair to try the 4 blade version instead of the 6 blade one. The blades are spaced much further appart on the 4 blade version which will probably result in a better shave for you.

    All in all, these are a solid product that will save you real cash. Highly recommended.

  4. So Many Shaving Savings!

    Posted by Brian on 9/5/2012

    Dorco offers a very functional, sleek and cost effective alternative to the age old fusion/hydro ad wars. Let Dorco pass the savings on to you, and be a good guy and send the disposables to your buddies in Afghanistan!

  5. Same Nicks, LessCost

    Posted by Shelly Lowenkopf on 9/5/2012

    The main difference between Dorco, Gillette, and Schick is, alas, price. On that basis, I'll stay with Dorco although for me, I get more shaves per blade with the Big Two. Was so hoping for a breakthrough here.

  6. Great Razors for an Amazing Price!

    Posted by Andrew on 9/4/2012

    Amazing, shipped quickly, quality razors for a steal. You have a repeat customer for life. I'm no longer throwing my money down the tubes at the local retailers... the price markups are insane at the store!

  7. Great assortment

    Posted by Jeff on 9/2/2012

    These are premium quality razors...always favored the high end big name razors, but hated paying the price. Do yourself a favor and order one of the frugal dude won't be sorry!

  8. Great product and a great price

    Posted by J Mooney on 8/30/2012

    Don't waste your time with the overpriced name brand store razors again. Dorco makes great razors that last and the prices can't be beat. Definitely endorse. Buy a multipack and be set for a LONG time. Highly recommend.

  9. Borders on the Bitchin'

    Posted by John on 8/29/2012

    Thrilled to have found these razors. The value and quality are amazing. Unless you're a P+G shareholder, try this option. I'm amazed by these razors and savings. Thanks Dorco count me amongst the converted.
    But please, no more "Dude" anything...ever?
    A Grateful Customer-

  10. Perfect combination of price and practicality

    Posted by Jimmy on 8/27/2012

    I've been shaving with Dorco now for a couple of weeks and love it. I started with the 4 blade disposable figuring that if it was good the rest would only get better. I have absolutely no complaints. It is equal to if not better than any disposable razor I've tried previously with a price that blows away all other razors. I'm a customer for life!

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