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Pace Trial Pack

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This is the perfect pack for men who are new to Dorco products.  Due to our patented common docking technology, all cartridges in this pack fit the handle that comes with it.  Mix and match to find the perfect shave for you.


The Pace Trial Pack For Men Includes:

Pace 6 Plus, (SXA5000) (1 handle and 2 cartridges)
Pace 6 Plus Cartridges, (SXA5040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 6 Cartridges, (SXA1040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 4 Cartridges, (FRA1040) (4 cartridges)
Pace 3 Cartridges, (TRA1040) (4 cartridges)


Pace Trial Pack Reviews

Based on 175 reviews

Great Alternative

Posted by Scott on 3/16/2014

I like to use a blade when I am shaving but since I change my blade every week. The name brand was getting to the point I was either going to have to shave and have it feel like I was pulling my whiskers out, go to an electric shaver and find something more reasonable on the internet.

The Dorco blades are every bit as good as the name brand and I do not feel like I am spending a fortune on blade. Great service, great product. I am recommending to my friends who use a blade.

So far so good

Posted by Jim on 3/16/2014

This review will be based on 5 shaves with the 6 bladed razor. I hope you send be another chance to review in about a year. I'm retired and shave a real heavy beard every 3-5 days or so. So far so good. I'm using the 6 blade with about the same success as the cheap disposable. But, I only get 2 shaves out of the cheapy four blade razor for about a buck each. As I said, I'm on shave 5 with Dorco and want to see if I will get the minimum of 7 and push for 14. When I go over the shaved area with the trimmer blade, it is the smoothest shave. How long will the trimmer blade last? I shall see. I'm counting shaves to get an exact cost per shave after I use up all the blades. This will only be scientific for my face. No razor burn, or other concerns. So, things look real good. Dorco is the only multi-blade razor that flushes through. Right now, I will reorder, but it looks like I have about a year's worth of blades. It is just a matter of how much better they will get as I calculate cost. Next, I will try the 4 blade.

Great welcome to the Dorco family

Posted by Tony on 3/14/2014

I been trying to get away from Gillette for a long time and I just found a way out. The blades don't feel cheap and pull like most "off brands". I am still deciding which number of blades is for me but I really think the 4 is the way to go. It provides a nice shave and easily cleans up when running the blades under the water. I am more than satisfied with this product and am really happy I discovered you guys.


Posted by Lora Burns on 3/5/2014

I ordered the men's Pace trial pack and was TOTALLY impressed! Not only was it as good as the name brand...it was better! The blades stay sharp so much longer. It was so good, I ordered two more for other family members. I will not go back to the store and pay those prices again! SOLD!

great value

Posted by Tony on 3/3/2014

No loss in quality over retail brands. Maybe even better, but at wholesale prices.

No More Gillette

Posted by Glynn Raye Snider on 2/19/2014

I have been trying to get away from Gillette for forty years, but couldn't find anything comparable. I have finally found it with your Dorco razors and blades. Since I'm on a fixed income, this really helps me because the price is one third of Gillette, and everybit as good;
if not better.

A Great Value

Posted by Ted Nelson on 2/16/2014

The sample pack includes 3,4, & 6-blade cartridges & all work very well, so I guess it depends on which cartridge you're used to...I'll be using the 4-blade one going forward. A real plus is the handle. It has a nice weight and is comfortable to use. Also, it's a universal fit for all cartridges. The Dorco shaving system is at least as good as higher priced ones and am glad not to be paying for the constant marketing and advertising of you-know-who.

so far, so good

Posted by Barry Schwartz on 2/11/2014

I bought the trial pack to determine which (if any) of the blades I would settle on long-term. Thus far I have only used the Pace 6 Plus. I like the fact that the handle is universal for all their products, so I would have the flexibility to switch anytime. I was surprised at how heavy the handle is, but have found it to be quite comfortable and stable. The Pace 6 blades provide a very close shave, and I've gotten about 7-8 shaves so far and they seem as sharp as when new.

Amazing quality, durability, and value!

Posted by matt reid on 2/4/2014

Quality is as good or better than big brands. Price is AMAZINGLY lower. And, they seem to last longer too.

Great Value!

Posted by Dan Flagg on 1/29/2014

Still on the first blade!!

So far so good!

Posted by Dauv on 1/28/2014

So far these Pace blades are doing exactly what the Schick Quattros I was paying more than double for, were doing.

In other words, I am saving decent money by going with these Pace shavers.

I have to admit that I am only a couple shavers in, since I purchased the "Trial" pack for men, but so far so good.

I shave my head and had a lot of trouble with the (Schick) Quattros loading up and being very hard to clean between strokes. The Pace 6 Plus system seems to have eliminated that problem.

first time buyer

Posted by Bonnie on 1/28/2014

good value