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Razors N Foam (On Sale: $7.99 - 50% off)

The perfect razor for the frequent traveler. Our 3-pack of Razors N Foam provides pivoting, 6-blade action with a specially designed, ergonomic handle filled with more than a week's worth of nourishing shave foam. Plus, the lubricating strip contains chamomile, olive oil and allantoin to moisturize, calm and protect sensitive skin. A close shave has never been easier with this TSA-approved razor.


Dorco Razors N Foam
With Real Shaving Cream Inside Handle!

Great For Travel and AIRLINE SAFE!

6 Precision Blades
The world’s first 6 blade system offers an optimal single stroke shaving solution for the most stubborn facial hair.

Venetian Flow™
Fine blades on a pivoting, easy to rinse cartridge offers the closest and smoothest shave while increasing blade life.

Tilting Head
Tilting head increases shaving precision along every angle of your face.

Lubricating Strip
A unique combination of Chamomile, Olive Oil and Allantoin moisturizes, calms and protects even the most sensitive skin.

Thick, Rich Shaving Cream Inside Handle
For a week or more of smooth, comfortable shaves per razor.





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Razors N Foam (On Sale: $7.99 - 50% off) Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Best travel & "on the go" shave EVER!

Posted by C. Romeo on 10/22/2018

This little jewel is THE BEST travel razor EVER!!! It is so convenient! Yes, it may seem pricey, but once you try it, you will love it. The quality of this razor for a "disposable" is simply amazing, and you will likely bring it home with you and continue using it until the blade dulls weeks, if not a month or so later. The design and function is just brilliant--it's made so that you can't accidentally "squirt" the shave cream out, and the it's full of high-quality, rich foamy shave cream that provides a close smooth shave. The razor itself is usual Dorco quality, much like the non-disposable versions of their razor cartridges, with a lubricating strips and multiple blades for a smooth close shave with no nicks or razor burns. Great for men AND women! No need to bring razor AND bulky shave cream or soap, just toss this little baby in your shave kit or toiletry bag and you are ready to roll! Once again, thanks Dorco for an amazing product at a great price :-)

Tried It Loved It!

Posted by RANDOLPH on 7/11/2016

So clever! Smooth shave, smooth foam. Great to use for travel or home.

Awesome Razor

Posted by Lou on 6/19/2016

Combining the razor and the foam all in one is so cool. Shaves so close and smooth. The shave cream is thick and spreads nice. Really convenient for travel and for home. 5 stars for sure!

Ingenious, fun product!

Posted by Jeff Waldman on 5/14/2016

I liked the product a lot. Good foam/razor and it made it through 8 shaves so far. The cost effectiveness is marginal; $3.33 per razor, which lasts about a week. While it is cheaper to just buy travel shaving cream, the neatness factor wins here.

Best Razor

Posted by Top Cat on 5/2/2016

Great idea. The shaving cream inside the razor is genius! Making this my new razor. Awesome shaves and very easy to use.

Travel made easier

Posted by Mark Gaudry on 2/28/2016

This combo makes air travel so much easier.
However, the foam is a bit dry and figuring out how to get it out took a bit of work at first. Then I had no trouble using it afterwards. The 6 blade head is great and the handle is comfortable, even in my massive mitt.