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You’re gonna love this razor system! Promise.

Don’t believe us? 1. Work on trusting people. 2. Check out these features…

- “Hold me closer” our handle says to your hand, and it feels so good. Because it’s a well-designed handle.
- “Being prepared is half the battle,” says our built-in rubber fin to your hairs as it positions them just right for a close shave.
- If your legs were one straight line, we wouldn’t need a tilting head that flexes to your unique contours. But it’s not, so we’ve got one.
- We have a special design that makes blades easier to clean and last longer. We call it “Venetian Flow™.” Other brands call it “Wait, what’s that? We don’t have that.”
- Less fussy hair? Fewer blades. Three’s your lucky number for thinner, less difficult hair.
- This razor has friends! Chamomile, olive oil and allantoin get cozy in a lubricating strip to soothe even sensitive skin.



1 Handle
2 Cartridges



3 Blades
Flow through blade construction
Pivot head
Lubricating strip: contains chamomile, olive oil and allantoin
Safety cap
Product Code: TRA2000




Shai 3 (On Sale: $3.15 - 40% off) Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Shai 3

Posted by Noreen J on 7/20/2016

(2nd review attempt)

Hubster and I both use this razor, in the shower. After 20+ years of using a venus, their replacement blades became outrageously expensive. I stumbled upon DORCO USA and could not be happier with the quality, prices, and customer service!
Side-note, hubster is right-handed and suffered a construction accident that left his dominant hand with grip issues ... he loves this razor in the shower, even if it is pink, because he can easily control it.
Thank you, Dorco USA, you have made us lifetime customers/clients!

Pretty darn good

Posted by Cee Tee-Eff on 11/13/2013

So I bought the combo pack, & made the mistake of trying the 6-blade cartridge before trying this 3-blade cartridge. Don't do that. Use this one first, & then ooh & aah over how well the 6-blade cartridge works. Don't get me wrong, this one shaves well, doesn't leave razor burn or require several strokes over the same area. But I'm also not exactly clearcutting the Amazon here. My hair is plentiful but fine. If yours is too, this is a totally acceptable razor to use. Get in the shower, put on your smug "I paid a fraction of what I would have paid at the grocery store for my razor" smile, & shave away. You'll still have a great time - just not quite as good a time as you would if you were using a 6-blade cartridge.

Great for what it is.

Posted by jt on 4/17/2013

I had no nicks or bumps from this razor, it seems to rinse out easier that a lot of them and it gets as close as any 3 blade I've tried and costs way less money. The shave doesn't last as long as the 6 blade, but I wouldn't have expected it to. I got one of these for my niece who is just learning to shave too, and she hasn't had any problems.

Good but hard to reach some areas

Posted by Robin Brantley on 3/19/2013

I like this razor but the super wide face of it makes it really hard to get at certain spots, like the groove in your under arm area that is easily maneuvered around and through with a typical man's style razor. I find myself having to try to get into a crazy position to get my skin to be flat enough to get at that spot- same with backs of knees and a few other areas. (I am ht/wt proportionate- 5'9 and 132#). But I think the blades work well (a good shave otherwise).

Ok for travel, but not as regular standby razor

Posted by Unknown on 7/10/2012

I tried this in the trial pack and was disappointed. It (obviously) just does not compare to the 6-blade razor, so requires shaving more frequently. Would be ok to take on a trip or use if ran out of another one, but would not recommend as your everyday razor. (and it doesn't have a hole in the handle, so can't be hung up in the shower....suction holder it comes with falls down daily!)