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You’re gonna love this razor system! Promise.

Don’t believe us? 1. Work on trusting people. 2. Check out these features…

- “Hold me closer” our handle says to your hand, and it feels so good. Because it’s a well-designed handle.
- We have a special design that makes blades easier to clean and last longer. We call it “Venetian Flow™.” Other brands call it “Wait, what’s that? We don’t have that.”
- Our one-stroke, six blade system cuts so close it even shaved off the end of this sen
- You wear a coat because it’s chilly outside. Our quality blades wear a coating because it makes them last longer. You two have so much in common.
- What’s better than three rubber fins that help prep your hair for a close shave? Four of them.
- If your legs were one straight line, we wouldn’t need a tilting head that flexes to your unique contours. But it’s not, so we’ve got one.
- This razor has friends! Chamomile, olive oil and allantoin get cozy in a lubricating strip to soothe even sensitive skin.



1 Handle
2 Cartridges



6 Blades
Flow through blade construction
Pivot head
Lubricating strip: contains chamomile, olive oil and allantoin
Safety cap
Product Code: SXA2000




Shai Smooth Touch (On Sale: $3.90 - 40% off) Reviews

Based on 58 reviews

Shai smooth touch

Posted by Ash family on 4/5/2019

received my shai 9 blades plus the shai razor..the heads ARE compatible with the dollar shave club executive model & we are never going back again to dollar shave..this is actually an upgraded product (lubricating strips are a great improvement) at a much better deal..this razor is good for men or women

Didn't like the feel

Posted by Denise on 3/29/2019

I did not like the way this handle feels. Very heavy and the grip is thin. Very slippery when wet.

Shai Smooth Touch

Posted by Alicia on 12/24/2018

I love this razor! I’ve been using it about a month, and it’s still nice and sharp! I don’t think my legs have been this smooth in years! I thought it would be a lime green color from the pictures, but it turned out to be more of a mint green color. I was very disappointed at first, and then I actually used it. Way better than any razor you would get at any drugstore. The one thing that I would like, that it doesn’t have is suction cups on the back, so I could hang it in my shower. The holder would work for that, as designed, but lacks the suction cups. I will definitely be buying more cartridges soon!

Amazing for sensitive skin

Posted by Britney on 11/30/2018

This razor is great and the price is even better! I have sensitive skin and a lot of razors feel extremely scratchy on my skin, however these blades feel like nothing. I would definitely recommend trying these out. The rubber fins as they call them was a little strange at first but now I don't even notice the feeling of them. Get this razor!

Cheap blades compared to the Men's razors

Posted by robert on 11/29/2018

I bought these for my lady. She said the blades were not sharp and went back to using disposables. I said no way mine are razor sharp. (FYI. I shave my legs with these). I tried a set as I thought the spacing (larger) would be less prone to clogging up (having to rinse less). Her razors were crap. I even opened a different box thinking it was a bad box. No dice. Women you should buy the men's razor which are great. Once again, these are crap.

Ideal combo of quality and price

Posted by Vanessa on 8/21/2018

I've been using the Shai Smooth Touch razor since 2014. I have multiple handles (makes it easier to pack for travel) and one finally broke the other day - after 4 years, I'll call that a good run! This is a good quality handle with rubberized grip. The blades are great and really, the key to blades is changing out regularly, which I'm much more apt to do when they don't cost a fortune. I order refills about once a year, usually when there's a sale, not that Dorco's prices aren't reasonable to start. There's no trade-off here unless you just LIKE paying more for razors...I honestly don't know why everyone doesn't buy from Dorco.

Thank you for having a woman's razor/cartridge that isn't pink! Please make more!

Posted by Sarina on 8/20/2018

It took a little getting used to having a razor that is so flexible, but I like the way it shaves. I got this one mostly because it is the only one (other than the Eve, which I also got), that isn't pink. I really like that this works with the men's cartridges, too, so I can try out the other cartridges to find out the one I like the best. Lost a star as it can be a little harder to maneuver around the bikini area; the cartridge is wider than what I'm used to, and I ended up getting a couple small cuts, but this has gotten better with practice. Would be nice if the tray had suction cups so I could put it on the shower wall.

Quality Product

Posted by Janet on 4/19/2017

I purchased the combo pack. Truly exceptional service, fast delivery and a close shave. I have sensitive skin and it works very well for me. I only wish they had twitter link on their sight; so I can tweet a direct link and tell the world how amazing this product is. Good bye Venus!!!

Perfect handle!

Posted by Margo on 2/6/2017

The handle is perfect to deal with the body hair. The feel and the color of it also make it unisex.
The only thing is: I wish they would come in several different colors so several different in the family could use it.

Superior quality/low prices

Posted by Joanne Chandler on 8/21/2016

I hate it when my stash of disposable razors runs low & I have to run to the drugstore & stock up. I REALLY hate paying drugstore prices (someone is making lots of $$ on disposable razors). I never get that great a shave unless the razor is right out of the package. Not happy. Found this website by accident & saw some great reviews & ridiculously low prices. And since they are giving free shipping during August, I figure--what the heck. Bought a Shai Smooth Touch razor that came w/2 cartridges along with an additional 4 cartridges and it all cost me $10 (I had a coupon for 20% from groupon). Sent the order on a Friday & got my product the following Monday? Are you kidding me? I was blown away by the quality so today I got an E-mail for 30% off all cartridges so I placed an order for an additional 4 cartridges along with some disposable razors so that I'm covered when I go on vacation. Check out the reviews for yourself, but I'm so glad I found a way to save money & have some very smooth legs.

Smaller head gets in more places

Posted by Peyton Randolph on 6/27/2016

Many lady's razors, such as the Venus, have a big, oval shaving head. It gets in the way, for some tight spots. The Shai Smooth Touch has less of a footprint, and is more maneuverable. Very smooth shave, and good for "man-scaping," too.

I can tell you these are THE BEST RAZORS EVER, but until you try them you just won't "get it"!

Posted by Carrie Arneson on 6/16/2016

After spending most of my adult life so far trying not to blow all the money in my wallet or have to pledge the sale of my firstborn as payment when it was time to buy razors, (especially for my husband - I'm talking to YOU Gillette Mach 3's!) I finally decided to try these after seeing an ad online. And believe me, I was in total shock over the price AND the quantity and quality of razors you can get for said price. I mean, three tiny Mach 3 cartridges alone will run you almost $20! So how can Dorco sell a package of 10 cartridges AND the razor for the same price? I thought for sure these things were going to tear my husbands face apart and then I would be destined to use the remainder on my poor, unsuspecting legs out of guilt. However, these Dorco razors blow any of the national name brands out of the water completely: on price, quality, longevity, etc.! Also, I placed my order at 11 am one day and it had shipped by 2 pm that SAME day and was on my doorstep two days later. You cannot beat that for free shipping from anyone. Please do yourself a favor and just try these razors. For the price and the free shipping, you can afford to try them. Then if you feel they aren't worth what we say they are then you aren't out very much at all! You wouldn't be able to say the same for Gillette Mach 3's! And this review applies to all their products because we have tried them all! Buy the package that lasts you a year - how can you go wrong with a year's supply of razors for about $50? And just so you know, my supply lasted me longer than a year and that's with me using them FREQUENTLY. Take the plunge, don't pledge the sale of your firstborn, I promise you won't regret it