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Shai Soft Touch Cartridges, 16 Refills

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Everyone knows the star of the shaving show is the cartridge, or, in laymen’s terms, “the ejectable sharp bit.” This ejectable sharp bit has cool features, like… 

  • She’s water ready: this rubber fin preps your hair for a close shave specifically for the bath or shower.
  • We have a special design that makes blades easier to clean and last longer. We call it “Venetian Flow™.” Other brands call it “Wait, what’s that? We don’t have that.”
  • Two sets of three blades with a flexible bend in the middle helps the blade handle curves like a sports car on Mulholland Dr. going 80 mph — which we’d never do because that’s very dangerous.
  • So aloe, vitamin e and lavender walk into a bar, right? That’s not a joke, that’s just our lubricating strip that soothes sensitive skin.



16 Cartridges


6 Blades
Flow through blade construction
Pivot head
Lubricating strip: contains aloe, vitamin e and lavender
Safety cap
Product Code: LSXA1040


Shai Soft Touch Cartridges, 16 Refills Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

close shave, but...

Posted by Jill on 11/5/2016

Last Christmas, I bought both hubby and I combo sets; mine was the Shai Soft Touch. I love the handle, and the blades do provide a close shave, but I feel like the separation of the blades (making the whole thing bigger than a normal blade), and the extra oval material around the blade makes it a bit cumbersome to use, especially in the armpits and bikini area. For me, the benefit of the hinging effect is not enough to outweigh the sheer size of the blade. I tried one of the blades provided with my husband's razor (Pace 6 Plus), and liked it much better. When I reorder blades, I will get the regular Pace 6 for both of us (he doesn't use the trimmer, and I don't need it).

Goodbye Venus!

Posted by Melissa on 4/22/2014

I bought this along with the handle + refill pack after deciding to try and hope I didn't make the wrong choice.
I am thrilled with it! I was tired of paying $15 for THREE Venus cartridges, but was hesitant to try anything else...So glad I made the switch!
Gives a nice, smooth shave. I don't even need to shave every.single.day like I've been used to. No nicks, no razor burn, no scratches. I've used the same blade for close to two weeks now and it's still sharp and still shaves like it's brand new.
I was also pleasantly surprised at the individual cartridge packaging. It's a hard plastic, closeable container that snaps shut. Real convenient if you travel or are on the go.
Never going back to Venus.

Better than store brands

Posted by Chris F on 4/20/2014

Dorco is the way to go! The price and quality of razors far out-shine what you would find in a convenience store. Smooth shaving finish and love the replacement blades. I won't be buying my razors from anywhere else now!

Best razor ever

Posted by Mary Musumecci on 12/11/2013

Best I have ever used.

Great product

Posted by Christina O'Donnell on 11/4/2013

I love that this product does not cut me at all. My skin is sensitive and many razors will give me razor burn on my legs plus nicks and cuts. My legs are usually in pain after shaving. These cartridges do not do that. They give me a close shave and no pain.

This razor gives a great shave!

Posted by Karen Criswell on 9/24/2013

This razor head gives a close, long-lasting shave like all the other Dorco heads, but also flexes into all areas....ankles, knees, underarm...and gets all the hair. It's the fave of both my daughter and me. I don't see this type of head available for men. Seems to me like it would be great around the jawline and chin. I would recommend the guys give it a try!

Awesome blades

Posted by Al on 6/14/2013

Lastest twice as long as mach..

Best Women's Razor EVER!

Posted by Crystal Senter on 4/11/2013

I have been a Venus use forever. A friend of my husband introduced us to Dorco, and because we got my hubby a new razor, I needed to have one too! Best thing I have ever shaved with. It is so smooth and effortless, plus I barely see the hairs in my armpits the day after I shave! No bumps or irritation either!

Great razor

Posted by Doug on 1/3/2013

I bought these razors for my wife, she thinks they are the best she has ever used. And the price is great, I'm looking forward the male version for myself! I highly recommend them!

She'll never go back.....

Posted by Larry on 5/29/2012

This order was a backup supply for my wife's Combo pack. Here is my review of the original purchase:
I purchased these for my wife as sort of an afterthought while making my first purchase. She rarely is willing to try anything new, especially if they are different, but agreed to try them. For the woman, it is two sets of three blades for a total of six. The really nice part is that the two sets are divided and a very flexible mounting, so that the bottom three blades bend almost independently from the top set. This provides for a smooth shave, especially around the armpits and other curvy areas. So, according to my wife, she will never go back to her Woman's Gillette.
One thing I didn't mention is the incredible pricing from Dorco.