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Shai Soft Touch

You’re gonna love this razor system! Promise.

Don’t believe us? 1. Work on trusting people. 2. Check out these features…

- “Hold me closer” our handle says to your hand, and it feels so good. Because it’s a well-designed handle.
- She’s water ready: this rubber fin preps your hair for a close shave specifically for the bath or shower.
- We have a special design that makes blades easier to clean and last longer. We call it “Venetian Flow™.” Other brands call it “Wait, what’s that? We don’t have that.”
- Two sets of three blades with a flexible bend in the middle helps the blade handle curves like a sports car on Mulholland Dr. going 80 mph — which we’d never do because that’s very dangerous.
- So aloe, vitamin e and lavender walk into a bar, right? That’s not a joke, that’s just our lubricating strip that sooths sensitive skin.

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Shai Soft Touch Reviews

Based on 87 reviews

Great Razor at a Great Price!

Posted by Laura M on 1/6/2017

I did some internet reading about razors after my husband mentioned he wanted to try one of the razor delivery companies. Turns out Dorco supplies one of those companies, and the reviews were great. So I took the plunge. Not only were these razors WAY less expensive than the ones I had been buying in the store (even the not-so-great ones that would leave nicks), this was the best shave I've had! The razor head was perfect for a smooth shave even over knees, which I've never been able to shave well. I love this razor, and I'm so glad I decided to try it!

Absolutely love this razor!!!!

Posted by Teresa SIDES on 8/31/2016

I always look for a 6 blade razor. They seem to not cause razor burn as bad as 3 or 4 blades. I love this razor and will continue to purchase them! They are every bit as good as the Venus razor which are way too expensive. Can't go wrong purchasing this razor!!!! A customer for life!!!

Good enough

Posted by John Pareizs on 6/23/2016

Handle is not very durable. Having to replace after two years. But, fair price. With a wife and 3 teenage daughters, Dorco is great.

My Favorite blade

Posted by Xzenthia on 4/28/2016

I was a little skeptical about this blade because it was so big and bulky but to my surprise he gave me a nice clean smooth shave the moisture strip really help it's been such a lifesaver finding this website can't believe how affordable the blades are on this website. Since the very first time I purchased anything from this website I've been a very satisfied customer. This is one of my top picks on the website. I really like this razor

That Was A Close Shave! :-D

Posted by Katherine with a K on 4/9/2016

I took the great reviews at their word and I'm here to tell ya, I'm a customer for life! I had been puchasing the Venus system (Swirl) and just couldn't stomach the prices. $4 and $5 for a refill cartridge?? Outrageous! Shai Soft Touch gives me the same excellent shave for 75% less! Catch a great sale on the disposables and save even more! Terrific system. Every bit as competent as the top name brands in performance and far surpassing the cheaper ones. Haven't nicked myself so much as once in the 2 weeks that I've been using.

Ladies, do yourselves some good and use organic hair conditioner (or coconut oil) as a "shaving cream." Shaving causes micro cuts into the skin and leaves the pores vulnerable, and you want your body absorbing something healthy and healing during the shave--not a load of toxic chemicals. Plus, it conditions the legs and leaves them baby soft!

Other reviewers didn't lie.

Posted by jana on 3/21/2016

I have to admit that I'm not a regular shaver. Venus cartridges are so expensive I have a hard time opening a new one. This means that I'm usually working with a dull razor. In fact, I always feel like new razors become dull after just one use which makes them unpleasant to shave with. Lastly, my boyfriend doesn't care about how hairy I am so I had just sort of given up on having smooth soft legs. I usually shave about once a week because I'm not going to get a close shave anyway.

I also often let my bikini area just go jungle-style, because getting around those curves and corners is just impossible. No matter how hard I try, the area is always prickly immediately after a shave (which is sort of worse than the usual full bush situation).

I purchased this razor because of the price, expecting that the glowing reviews about performance were at least somewhat exaggerated. I figured that at the price I would be able to find something that I was AS happy with as I am with Venus (which, is not very happy at all), and that I'd replace my blades more frequently and thus shave more frequently.

While my order was in the mail, I opened up a fresh Venus cartridge, and shaved the whole shebang (legs, pits, bikini area) even though I'm usually not so thorough, so that I would be able to have an immediate performance comparison. I even went the extra mile, taking my time and being meticulous about it--practically doing yoga to get all of the areas. When I was done, my legs were mostly smooth with a few pricklies here and there, and my bikini line and armpits were prickly pretty much everywhere. Since most of the time I'm working with a dull razor, I was surprised by how disappointing the result of my meticulous shave was. This was a brand new cartridge, I thought. I should at least be able to get a smooth shave on the very first use.

When my Dorco package arrived a few days later, I went through the same experiment, but I have to admit I was less meticulous. I didn't do shower yoga. I was tired, so I shaved each area but I was fairly lazy about the whole affair. To my tremendous surprise, while my pits remained prickly (who cares?), both my legs and bikini area were BABY SMOOTH. My bikini line was as smooth as if I had just gotten waxed (which is my preference tho it's entirely too expensive to do on the regular).

I've now shaved twice with the Shai and didn't experience the immediate dulling I usually feel with Venus. The second time around everything was just as smooth. I'm curious to see how long a cartridge lasts, but it really doesn't matter. My bar was low. Just two perfect shaves is earth shattering for me. Even if it caps out at three or four uses, I'll be over the moon and I'll be able to replace the cartridges as often as I want since they're so inexpensive.

Not the best of their line, but still heads above regular razors

Posted by Julie McCormick on 3/20/2016

The only reason I gave this three stars is that the head is bulky and I don't like that. The shave is superb, but I just don't like the head. I find it doesn't maneuver really easily in smaller spaces, like the bikini area when I'm in the shower or the bath. It's really just a personal preference, and not a reflection on quality.

Wow wow wow wow wow wow

Posted by Alicia on 2/17/2016

I have used many razors in my life but I have never ever ever got baby but smooth skin from just going over my legs one time and I had some hair on my legs I'm talking silky silky smooth and they stayed silky smooth for 3 to 4 days this is by far the best razor I've ever used and I will never ever use another razor again I stocked up

Best woman's razor

Posted by Michel on 2/9/2016

I bought a few of the Shai Soft Touch for my girlfriend. She used it for the first time and she loved it. No nicks....smooth skin....contours well around the knees. She's sold! It's the best razor she has ever used. So I bought a couple more for her.

So this is what shaving us supposed to be!

Posted by Jessica on 1/20/2016

This razor is the best thing EVER! I was so shocked to see a negative review posted!

I have hyper sensitive skin and have a history of problems shaving. I was paying $20 for a 4 pack of Gillette and could only use each razor once. I had no idea I would ever have any other option until I ordered my Shai Smooth Touch!

Closest shave I've ever had and no sensitivity issues! I can even use the cartridges more than once! I'm so thrilled that I can't say enough good things about this product & I just ordered 2 more for my mom and daughter - can't wait!

Very Pleased!

Posted by Suzeann Sheehan on 1/16/2016

I get a comfortable, close shave, with no nicks or cuts. The razor glides easily over a shaving gel and I really like the way the head adjusts to those curves. I'll use this razor forever!

Where have these been?!

Posted by Chrissy on 12/7/2015

There is no reason to not give this system a try, especially this particular cartridge. I ordered the trial and combo set and went straight to trying this one. I have never in my life had such effortless shaving, the blades glide over your skin - this is so important to someone with super sensitive skin and always getting razor bumps all over. I'm 100% sold and am glad I ordered an abundance because I want to share with friends and family.