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Shai Trial Pack

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This is the perfect pack for women who are new to Dorco products. Due to our patented common docking technology, all cartridges in this pack fit the handle that comes with it. Mix and match to find the perfect shave for you.

The Shai Trial Pack For Women Includes:

Shai Soft Touch™, (LSXA1000) (1 handle and 2 cartridges)
Shai Soft Touch™ Cartridges, (LSXA1040) (4 cartridges)
Shai Smooth Touch™ Cartridges, (SXA2040) (4 cartridges)
Shai 4 Cartridges, (FRA2040) (4 cartridges)
Shai 3 Cartridges, (TRA2040) (4 cartridges)


Shai Trial Pack Reviews

Based on 41 reviews

Love this razor!!!

Posted by Valinda Evans on 4/17/2014

I bought these for myself because I was tired of forking out the money for razors. I read all the reviews and decided to try it. I am not going back!!! This razor is fantastic and the main complaint about the razor was that the catch to the razor head was flimsy and broke a lot well they fixed that problem it is a metal catch now and it works perfectly I have had this for 4 weeks and I love it!

Maybe I don't need 6 blades

Posted by Jan Hewitt on 4/2/2014

Tried the one delivered for many shaves. It was okay, but not what I hoped for. I thought maybe it was just a not great blade, it's happened with other brands, so I tried another cartridge. Just used twice, still waiting for that phenomenal shave. Maybe I don't need 6 blades. I'll try the others and I'll use them all. Decent price, but hope I just have a couple of less than excellent blades and the others will be super. Still probably worth what I paid.

Quality razor at a great price!

Posted by Allison Weston on 3/17/2014

I am so amazed at these razor heads and so glad that I took the chance on them. This kit is the perfect introduction to Dorco and has me hooked for life! I used to purchase 4 blades for $18 and that is almost the entire cost of this kit. The funny thing is that they work just the same and even better thing is the heads are all interchangeable with any handle. I will definitely be getting Dorco razor heads for my husband too. We are a Dorco family now!

Great Introduction to these blades!

Posted by Ann Alexa on 3/4/2014

I picked this product specifically because it had 4 types of blades to try. I've only tried two of the four so far and am highly impressed. I would recommend to a friend

Wife Loves It!

Posted by Brian Bohlen on 2/3/2014

I bought the Shai razor pack for my wife, and she gives them high praise. She said that her old razors were MUCH more expensive with worse performance. The Pacer razors for men are also excellent. -Great shave, and no cuts ever.


Posted by suzanne ludvik on 1/31/2014

I have only used the 6 blade so far, but it is wonderful. Such a close shave!! For the price these razors are a steal, don't see myself buying any other razor again!!!

Amazing Shave over and over again

Posted by Miss Red on 1/8/2014

The look of the razor was a little intimidating at first. However, now that I've used it a few times I'm in love. Its a close shave over and over again which saves money. I even got my boyfriend a gift certificate and let my mom use a razor. The product is amazing.

Just don't drop it...

Posted by Lindsey on 12/23/2013

So far I love all of the different blade options and the close shave I get!

The only downside is I dropped the handle twice and it broke in a way that wasn't fixable. Thankfully the system is so affordable I didn't feel bad about purchasing another handle.

So Happy I Found Dorco Razors!!

Posted by Shannon Reesor on 11/15/2013

I have always used refillable 5-Blade razors. Then I heard about buying razors online. I was very skeptical & did a lot of research on different companies. I decided Dorco seemed to be the best in comparisons. I ordered the 'Shai Trial Pack' for Women. The 6-Blade is very comfortable to use, but I do recommend you start gently & use shower or shaving gel/cream. The shave is extremely close & took some getting used to :) I'm so thrilled to have found Dorco! My order arrived very quickly (5 days!) I used to try & make my razor last as I possibly could, resulting in using a dull razor @ times. Due to the affordability of Dorco, I can now change the blades regularly!! I immediately bought my husband a set (he loves his Hydro 5 & didn't even want to try these). He absolutely loves Dorcos & now the money we are our savings really helps! I DEFINITELY am a true fan of Dorco!!!

Very happy

Posted by Jan on 11/15/2013

I switched from a Fusion because of the cost of the blades. Have been using the Shai 6 blade for over a month (3 times per week) and it still shaves as close as the first time! Love this thing….Could kick myself for not switching sooner!

Longevity remains to be seen....

Posted by Cindy on 11/14/2013

I purchased Woman's Shai trial pack and so far have been using the 6-blade system. It's excellent and certainly holds up to my standards. However, I've probably only been using them a couple of weeks, we will see over time if they have the longevity that the big name brand does. At this point, I'm sold.

Just as good as everything else I've tried

Posted by Dondie on 11/5/2013

I have only tried the Shai 3+3 blade so far, but I was not disappointed with it. It worked just as good as the Venus I've been using. I did so much research before ordering from Dorco because I've never heard of them, was a little nervous about it, but I am certainly glad I did. My razors came quickly and I couldn't be happier with the price. I even used a promo code that cut the charge down to $26, but since I was still over $25 I got free shipping! I've recommended Dorco to friends and family, and will continue to order from them! They have an excellent product at a great price. Would recommend the trial pack if you're not sure what you want, it won't go to waste.