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The Reviews

Pace 7
"Really impressed with the product. I don't feel any irritation. Overall very smooth shave."

Shai Soft Touch
"It pivots like crazy. It's fantastic."

Pace 6 Plus
"Very smooth. One of the closest shaves I've had in a while."

Shai Smooth Touch
"The fact that it's been lasting this long and still gives me a close shave...That's a good product"

"I have tried every razor on the market! This is a high quality product. The handle is weighty and has a great comfort grip, also very stylish. The blades are incredibly sharp and offer an effortless glide while the lubricating strip offers extra comfort to your shave. Don't be fooled by the great price! This is probably the only instance in your life where you're actually getting more for less. I would like to mention that Dorco has amazing customer service as well. Thanks, Dorco USA!!"

Pace 4
"The Pace 4 is incredibly smooth, gives a fine close shave without a hint of razor burn, and the price is unbeatable. "

Shai 4
"These blades are of excellent quality and last as long as blades that cost 4 times as much. "

Pace 7

"Really impressed with the product. I don't feel any irritaion. Overall very smooth shave"


Pace 6 Plus

"Shaving quality overall is absolutely excellent. It's on par maybe even better than the Gillette Fusion Pro Glide."


Dorco Prime Starter Set

"Two passes down, and the shave is exceptionally good already, and it's been a very, very comfortable shave!"


Shai Soft Touch

"Not only is it a quality product but it just blows out of the water any other competitor."


Shai Smooth Touch

"Do you see all those blades on there? This is awesome. Best razor I have ever used in my entire life!"


Shai 3

"I've never found a women's razor that I really like, but THIS one trumps all of those."