The year is 1955. The Mickey Mouse Club debuts on ABC. The Soviet Union and its Eastern Bloc allies sign the Warsaw Pact. And Dorco bursts onto the razor scene in South Korea.

Today, Dorco products are sold in over 97 countries, including the good ‘ole U.S. of A., where a scrappy team in San Diego works to bring you exceptional quality shaves at low prices. Because we know the truth that other companies won’t tell you: that a great shave doesn’t have to cost a (silky smooth) arm and a leg. And there are better things to splurge on—and subscribe to—than razors.

That’s why we sell razors without the commitment, without the overhead, and without the pricey campaigns. We spend nothing on TV commercials. We have exactly zero directors, set designers or flamingo-wranglers on retainer.

We’re Dorco. And our promise to you is simple:
Great shaving. No BS.

P.S. We’re serious about that ‘low-budget productions to save you money’ thing. Don’t believe us? The video below is quite literally the best thing we have.



P.P.S. We’ve received word that the eyebrow raise before “You’ll know our name soon.” could be taken as a threat and we’d like to reiterate that this was not our intention. We regret to inform you, however, that this video will stay on our ‘About Us’ page until the End Times. Good shavings to you.